But it’s some internal matter for engineers, hidden from the ordinary user. Low results on Windows Mobile 5. The linwizard team is currently in the process of adding driver support for the various devices present in the Wizard. First of all it will be available for American GSM networks. This is a so-called side slider form-factor.

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As the screen on the whole, it turns to be slightly under the average level.

The utility worked out by HTC to back archive qteo. Besides it looks rounded because of its relative thickness dimensions – x58x Low results on Windows Mobile 5. Camera From the very beginning HTC offered devices in two versions – with and without the camera, other companies start realizing this necessity only now.

Ever more new companies join the game, and old players plan for to increase times the number of devices. The keys feature distinct feedback.

Unfortunately, HTC refused to apply Broadcom drivers even in top products in favor of Microsoft drivers. It’s possible to control the device using the keyboard only, but in open mode.

Qtek 9100 (HTC Wizard) Review

It has a screen of 2. Very seldom a small communicator requires high data transfer speeds, so a91000 can’t treat the fact as a great advance.


HTC means little to common users, but experts are familiar with it well. The index was formed on the basis of dropped frames, the index meant that there were no dropped frames at all. We’ve been testing different versions of HTC Wizard for more than a month, watching the growth in stability of the device, the preparation of the final russification version, corrections of software mistakes and improvements in hardware.

The latter do not feature high functionality still, they have cut set of profiles and poor settings. It also offers Internet services including e-mailinstant messagingweb browsingand local Wi-Fi connectivity. It has no camera, that’s the difference from the Wizard The shell color of the communicator is the combination of Silver, Grey and Black. HTC Wizard features rounded design accented with curves of double buttons.

Design, keyboard The shell color of the communicator is the combination of Silver, Grey and Black.

The connection took little time and required no fine tunings. This buildup to the phone application adds contact search function, which is available in Windows Mobile for Smartphone.

The latter doesn’t allow run XIP operations execute in place at higher speeds. If you stick a good foil to the screen, you can tap with your thumb. The index is good, if we apply it to normalized value or indices close to 1.


Qtek A9100 pictures

There is an averaged figure by 2 tests Demo 1 and Demo2. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The keyboard turns to qgek much comfortable, though it doesn’t take place on the front panel. The assembly quality is traditionally high. We get about 2.

However, it is possible catalog to have inaccuracies. On the one hand, it is a perfect communicator with an expandable keyboard ideal for those who need to type larger chunks of text on the go.

That’s not critical, only HTC Universal features a higher quality screen. Well, it’s possible to use Skype without problems, should 3 conditions be observed.

Qtek – Full phone specifications

This utility was developed by the Taiwanese company Cyberon. Did you find an error in the catalog? At it just one anomalous value pulls the average, which is 0.