If you get into trouble at any point, carefully read the documentation given below. It will not affect Backup Exec to not install the kernel drivers. To determine the best configuration of your tape drive, you can run the speed command available in the btape program. If you have been previously running your tape drive in fixed block mode default and Bacula with variable blocks default , then in version 1. Also, if there is any other type of tape application or tape montioring services installed like tape tools , try removing or disabling them as well before rebooting. If you have an autochanger, load a tape into the drive. Beginning with Bacula version 1.

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HP Ultrium-1 SCSI Sequential Tape Device Free Driver Download (Official)

Each write to the drive results in a single record being written to the tape. If you do have an autochanger, please be sure to read the Autochanger chapterAutochangersChaptermainchapter of the Bacula Enterprise Main Manual. I’m going to write one record in file 0, two records in file 1, and three records in file 2 btape: However, if you have written tapes using fixed block sizes, this can be a bit of a pain.

Some SCSI tape drivers will use a fast means of seeking to the end of the medium and in doing so, they will not know the current file position and hence return a Remove all VolBlock lines in the file.

This program permits a number of elementary tape operations via a tty command interface.

There are two drives in one autochanger: It is also the control device name to use when invoking the tapeinfo program. A bad SCSI card. Drives that run in fixed block mode can cause serious problems for Bacula if the drive’s block size does not correspond exactly to Bacula’s block size. See the Autochanger chapter of this manual for a complete discussion of testing your autochanger. To determine the best configuration of your tape drive, you can run the speed command available sequejtial the btape program.


Hp Ultrium 1 Scsi Scsi Sequential Device Driver Download

This is the preferred solution. With option -C 0 or 1 you can disable or activate compression. So on such systems you need to modify the Bacula startup files to explicitly set: If your tape drive requires fixed block sizes very unusualyou can seqquential the following records:.

This can happen if your tape drive is in fixed block mode while Bacula’s default is variable blocks. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

You must correct this condition in order for Bacula to work. This is not the recommended procedure because it can enormously slow down recovery of files, but it may help where all else fails. This is too small and the overhead that Bacula has with each record will become excessive.

By default, they use bacula-sd. See below for more details. None of the specified options are required by Bacula, but a number of other options such as SysV behavior must not be set.

If you would like to know what options you have set before making any of the changes noted above, you can now view them on Linux systems, thanks to a tip provided by Willem Riede. However there is a big difference, that end-of-data ignores file position, whereas filemarks returns the real number of skipped files, so OS can track current file number just in filemarks case.


The backup still works fine so this is more of a annoying little sequentiap rather than a fault. In fixed block size mode, drivers may transmit a partial block or multiple blocks for a single read request.

If you request less bytes than are in the record, only those number of bytes will be returned, but the entire logical record will have been read the next read will retrieve the next record.

HP Ultrium 4-SCSI SCSI Sequential Device shows as – VOX

Finally, it reads back both tapes to ulltrium that the data has been written in a way that Bacula can recover it. You might want to put those commands in a startup script to make sure your tape driver is properly initialized before running Bacula, because depending on your system configuration, these modes may be reset if a program other than Bacula uses the drive or when your system is rebooted. We recommend that you avoid this configuration if at all possible by using variable block sizes.

A much more optimal Device configuration is shown below, but does not work with all tape drives. Because there are often problems with certain tape drives or systems when end 1-scxi tape conditions occur, btape has a special command fill that causes it to write random data to a tape until the tape fills. Osst is available from: It will not affect Backup Exec to not install the kernel drivers.