Enroll your fingerprint by sliding the selected finger over the fingerprint reader multiple times until enrolment is complete, and then click Save to continue enrolling other fingerprints. Melissa01 Replied on October 23, Backing up and restoring SimplePass fingerprint configuration in Windows 7 or Vista. Start up My LaunchSite: Click the Secret question box to select a question from the drop-down list.

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To test the fingerprint reader password management, go to Testing the SimplePass fingerprint reader password management function in Windows 7 or Vista. If a Let’s identify your product to get started page displays, click Laptop or Desktop. This tool is able to use your fingerprint to securely store passwords and use them to login on various websites. If you want to remove the HP SimplePass icon from the taskbar on the desktop, right-click the HP SimplePass icon on the taskbar, and then select unpin kntegrated program from taskbar from the drop-down list.

HP Fingerprint Reader – Common Issues

It has fngerprint different look. Each person using the computer should have their own user account, and that account can be accessed using a fingerprint reader. Pin HP SimplePass to the taskbar: Follow the steps below to set up a new web site logon.


Read one of the following sections to start the fingerprint reader for the first time, or add or delete fingerprints after the initial set up. For security, you are prompted for a password, or a good fingerprint scan, before it adds or removes a fingerprint.

Windows Biometrics Framework – Microsoft Community

The fingerprint reader is working fine in device manager, so makes me think it’s not a driver issue. Type in the UsernamePasswordor other required field values. A add to watchlist send us an update. Make any changes to the username and password, and then click Save. If a Matching products webpage opens, select your model number from the list. All you need to do is to right click the installer, ssimplepass set it to what ever version the drive was made for ie win 8 for a win 8 driver see snip.

Btw, if it works for you, keep flngerprint download forever before it disappears again. The integrated digitalPersona fingerprint reader on my HP Pavilion dv6 wasn’t affected by conversion from Windows 7 to Windows Adding and managing a new application or Web site using SimplePass in Windows 7 or Vista Follow these steps to add Web site log in information and set your preferences in SimplePass:.

Choose a fingerprint, password or PIN to authenticate your identity. This thread is locked. Asia Pacific and Oceania. Read the full changelog. On the Practice scanning fingerprints screen, slide your finger over the fingerprint reader. Open a web browser and navigate fingerprin a website where you have a password-protected account.


It never missed a beat.

Windows 10 and Fingerprint Reader Compatibility.

HP SimplePass registers each website account automatically, the next time you log on to a website account. If your computer model uses HP SimplePass version 5. Javascript is disabled in this browser.

I had no idea that he had replied to one of my messages and reposted the second link which has the driver I need. Hope it works for the rest of you. JanetBraunstein Replied on December 4, Starting the fingerprint reader to add or delete fingerprints in Windows 7 or Vista You can enroll additional fingers at any time.

I am looking for some information before I upgrade a PC with a fingerprint reader. Enrolling your fingerprint is required to begin using HP SimplePass. Follow the steps below to install or update your software.