During the course of his battles, Zangief would come to meet one of his biggest fans, the Japanese pro wrestler R. Ex-President”, yet Zangief is listed as being from the USSR, making it unclear as to whether these events take place before or after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In this tremendously damaging Super Move, Zangief rushes to grab the opponent. What size image should we insert? With the assistance of his government, Zangief emerged from his training as “The Red Cyclone. When attempting the Flying Powerbomb motion, but up close, Zangief performs two Suplexes on his opponent, with a small jump in between each one.

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Hit all three kick buttons at the same time.

Though some have speculated about Zangief’s sexual orientation, Capcom representatives have confirmed that Zangief is a straight man. Zangief’s prototypical name was Vodka Gobalsky.

Street Fighter via a simple cheat code and as a transformation in Marvel Vs. Make sure this is what you intended.

Zangief´s Spinning Pile Driver in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

In his ending in the Street Fighter II series, Zangief is congratulated by someone who greatly resembles former Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev and dances with him. Zangief’s Flying Stomach block attack is the only standard move capable of dizzying a character in one hit. Go to Link Unlink Change.


By Super Street Fighter Piel Turbo, Zangief was in bad need of a way to protect his large size from projectile attacks which he had a hard time avoiding. If he makes contact with the opponent, he grabs then and leaps into the air, slamming them down into the ground in a power bomb position.

zangief spinning pile driver

He is referred to as erai hito or “great man” in the Japanese version. Spinninb up for free! During the course of his battles, Zangief would come to meet one of his biggest fans, the Japanese zangier wrestler R. What’s the best aspect of your gameplay?

Do a shoryuken motion and punch. Zangief is a close range character as he is a wrestling type. Retrieved from ” https: I usually jump in. If you can’t do it on these new age games with really forgiving input motions I don’t know what to tell you. You can also tick crouching low kick or something and then do the input. He is also the first spinnihg game character to ever use a degree motion for a move.

Rango Rango 3 years ago 2 I usually jump in. Tweet Remove Format Clean. Zangief agreed and began training in the extreme climates of Siberia, determined to demonstrate Russia’s magnificent power to all of the world. His special moves include:. He strikes any opponent who gets in the way of his fists. This holds true for all “” moves in Street Fighter.


Mecha Zangief is a sprite variation of Zangief in the Marvel vs. You wpinning do the motion and finish it as you land. Zangief first appeared in Street Fighter IIand has made subsequent appearances in other spinbing in the franchise.

You know zangife bad when Smash is the only good fighting game this gen? Zangief is one of the slowest of all characters in Street Fighter yet is still one of the most effective.

Zangief (Character) – Giant Bomb

Mecha Zangief is available in Marvel Super Heroes vs. This may be due to the fact that the majority of games he appears in take place at a time before the Soviet Union’s fall.

No recent wiki edits to this page. He does not throw any projectilesand therefore is much more effective if used at close range. Throughout the Street Fighter franchiseZangief has used a number of special moves that have increased and decreased in power, as the character list is balanced.