Pets will bark at you like a stranger, kids will be wary of you for the first couple of days, family will get into a routine without you there and it will occasionally seem like you are inturuping someone elses life when you are back. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They seem to have the opinion the less you know the better and I can see their point. If nothing else, you’ll get some advice from a few people and learn heaps about the industry. Be disciplined with money, no matter how much of it you have. Sounds like my head was up in the clouds in a few respects. Not trying to put you off, just want you to realise that it’s not all sunshine, new houses and no debt, there is a tradeoff to be had for the financial gain.

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Get the Job

It took me three years to get in because I had no experience, and it was only meant to be a two year plan to get a deposit for a house. Do you think there are still beclme for unskilled people to find work in the mining sector?

My first job was at Murrin Murrin for Minara Resources. I have an extra role where I also train new recruits that come through.


You can also watch these Dump Truck Videos to help you familiarise yourself with the training. The Haulpak name was quietly discontinued around — and the new trucks were then known as Komatsu machines.

Set financial objectives and don’t let them fade.

Kress incorporated many new design features which were trend setting and eventually Caterpillar was to offer him a position designing their range of haulers. Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held its ground You don’t know anyone in the mining industry and you just have no idea what to do.

Only driven gently on Sundays. Based on salaries.

After a Komatsu Limited -Dresser joint venture KDC in was formed, the Haulpak truck line was again partly under new ownership, although by Komatsu had purchased all remaining shares of KDC, making it a wholly owned subsidiary. I would make seek your friend and always be on the look out. Also get an email with jobs recommended just for me. I used to work underground for 10 years and some mines were safe and others were terrible. Safety is a primary focus for all dump truck operators, so it is important to have the correct certification beccome you set foot on a mine necome.

Originally Posted by filbert. Thanks to everyone for taking the time.

Haul Truck Driver Jobs (with Salaries) |

Plant Operator, Mobile Jobs. Is that about right? Coming soon to a cinema near you. HR liscence though is a fairly big bonus when looking to drive the big toys on site. I know people who tried good workers with half a brain who would have been good for the companies without much training and they got nowhere applying directly.


Don’t go blowing a grand at the casino. Soon after I met a girl who drove dump trucks, and she inspired me.

Dump Trucks

Haul Truck Operators Stellar Recruitment 4 reviews. How to Become a Mine Truck Driver. Apparently they are still having some trouble getting people to commit to a job and turning up every day.

becomf Info on Haulpak Driving Wanted. Drivers can work as contractors or as full-time employers. If you can legitimately claim you had some Aboriginal ancestry play on it for all its worth.

Dump Truck Training Course – Haul Truck Training |

I get heaps of FIFO guys in the taxi and I love ’em to bits, but they are the dumbest morons in the universe. We’ve seen quite a few mining companies downsize expansions and cut jobs recently. So it might be worth emphasising a commitment to reliability and dependability to people that you speak to.