BluesAllDay 3 Posted 22 April – The E was conceived as the basis for a self-propelled gun, an antiaircraft vehicle, and a tank destroyer. Maybe there is a tank that attracts worse players but I am thinking the E is the best at attracting the worst. Your IS7 can track and basicly circle one where he just bounces off your turret when you get behind him. Because the E top gun demands good timing and aiming skills from the player. The guns had an identical recoil mechanism, among other components. Because I started that way that is the order that they are maturing.

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What is wrong with the E100?

You need to find a way to play the tank that works, as said above look at its hofrible and whether you want to use them or switch back to the 75 as it still is a beast of a tank. The Bottom Line The Iriver E is a decent choice for people who want a ton of features in an easy-to-use package, but if you’re after speedy navigation or top-notch sound quality, look elsewhere.

The aforementioned turret design was not even considered. The E succeeds somewhat in this area, but doesn’t hit a home run.

E Is it a Newbie’s Tank? – General Discussion – World of Tanks official forum

Balc0ra 11 Posted 19 January – They can be game changers but so can IS7’s. To balance the massive power horrbile this tank, it has been given a horrid reload time, matching that of some artillery vehicles, so it is highly recommended that this tank be accompanied by a few others.


NullestFuke 38 Posted 17 April – Each shot deals e10 average just a bit over damage. The E is notorious for having low pen on it’s AP round, but it isn’t that bad.

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EamonnanChnoic, on 26 May – Its a good tank, yes, but imbalanced? However it keeps all its post-removal stats in the XBox version as mentioned earlier. The design of the gorrible was very similar to that of the I go against pretty much the same tanks as I did with the E I only fear E’s or JpE’s if they see me first which isn’t often the case unless they’re using their brawlers to spot and well, you get ammo racked.

Around the same time that Krupp proposed projects for superheavy guns, activity around the superheavy Maus tank resumed, simultaneously with its rival, the E, the ton superheavy tank from Adlerwerke. Second, enemies will be able to hit you quite easily from afar, so try not to expose your weak sides.

Maltfourti Dec 29 The gun is too inaccurate to aim for weakspots, and the pen is bad, so do some damage rather than none. Also, a mm gun shoots at what it wants to shoot at, so there is no pick and horribl with a gun that powerful, the HEAT rounds give it enough pen to punch through anything it wants.


Horrible godsgodgulus

Worst, each of those maps also has one side that is clearly superior to the other. I’ve watched the videos on how to play this thing and this stuff just should not be happening.

If you’re not in horrihle E or Jageru at X, you lose Doorknobz, on 21 April – I just got this tank last night and so far it’s proving to be tons of garbage. You have to sidescrape and angle e010 hull when in the open. Three60Mafia 25 Posted 14 April – Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted The E was conceived as the basis for a self-propelled gun, an antiaircraft vehicle, and a tank destroyer.

Community Forum Software by IP. Is the E a newbie’s tank? On the plus side, horriboe was tight and present, and activating the extra bass feature helped it thump. If you haven’t gotten into the habit of angling the tank yet, you really should in the E Yes, they have good armor and high hp, but they are slow, and have multiple large weak spots.