Full keyboard, Soft keys. It is slightly bigger than any later Hiptop. This is kind of a big one. However, it was announced that the Hiptop service for Telstra customers was to be discontinued on October 4, On October 1, , Telstra officially discontinued the Hiptop service plans and phones.

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Another important feature of the Hiptop2 is the ability to easily view the screen even without a backlight. You can store up to 36 images on the device and those images are also replicated up to the server space you have on the Danger servers, this allows you to sixekick to your online desktop and download pictures you have taken from there too. There is no difference between the Sidekick 2 and Hiptop 2, same ssidekick with a different name and slightly different logo design on the case.

Danger Hiptop II / T-Mobile Sidekick II Rivals

Example photo taken with Siedkick 2 view full size image. The keys are spaced far enough apart so you are not hitting two at once yet the keys are still big enough that they are easy to push.

Find out in Phone Scoop’s in-depth report. Sending picture attachments for images on your device sideiick doable. It also gives the elderly access to select healthcare services directly from their phone.


Use the search bar above to search for more deals. The comeback phone nobody asked for. US carrier availability Discontinued: T-Mobile and Suncom market and sell the Hiptop 2 to their customers. Software remained basically the same, but with the addition of more applications.

Manufacturers Apple Samsung Asus Amazon. After that date, Sidekicks no longer had access to any data services, though voice service still functioned.

Danger Hiptop 2 / Sidekick II Specs, Features (Phone Scoop)

Beau Hamilton 3 weeks 1 day ago. However, most of the known changes involve software and improved functionality for social networking applications. Sidekick user data is stored at Danger facilities, under the ownership of Microsoft. These grips can also be removed and replaced with various color grips.

It was first released on November 5,through Telstra in Australia. The Sidekick LX offered synchronization with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchangethrough a download via the applications catalog.

The one major sidekik that excludes this device from being a good business tool is that corporate email access is not supported. The built in camera, integrated PDA, wireless internet capabilities, EMS picture messaging, and full keyboard are just some of the great features on this phone.

The application including turn-by-turn navigation. It was available for sale again on December 12,however, T-Mobile has once again discontinued the Sidekick Slide.

You can easily enter contacts into your address book and include simple information such as the persons name, phone, email, web address, mailing address and notes.


In a word, this screen design is fantastic. These are hiptip case colors with the same hardware and operating systems.


The line-by-line ability to scroll one line at a time rather than just page by page scrolling feature is consistent in all applications, as are the “Jump” and all other hardware buttons.

The color screen makes for an enjoyable web browsing experience as opposed to the original Hiptop device which was colorless. A company called Intellisync formerly PumaTech, www. The Marshall Minor II are in-ear headphones that deliver huge sound and impressive battery life. September 17th, by Anonymous. When registering the Sidekick 2 device you will choose a username and password.

If the phone had java support or media support or even multimedia messaging it might pass as a halfway decent phone. The way the screen actually springs around into place would make you think it might propel right off of its hinge eventually.