To run the UT timedemos enter the console with the tab key and type. This did come at the cost of some stability however, as the system locked up on occasion during some of the more stressful tests. Hercules, originally conceived in , essentially created the video card revolution. The problem is that Hercules is not the company that they used to be. Lets begin by checking out the specifications. Making use of the 2nd generation transform and lighting engines that the GGTS II architecture makes possible, the Prophet II boasts some impressive results when run through the gauntlet of benchmarking tests.

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Disappointingly, the heatsink is bonded to the surface of the GPU only via the side clips.

Blue Wonder? The Guillemot/Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS

Bts few games exist today that can utilize the kind of raw power that a card like this commands, many are warming up in the bullpen. Full Scene Anti-Aliasing Page For a retail board, the Prophet delivers a fantastic gaming experience and it makes your 3D games look absolutely incredible. This is a beast of a card, boasting 4 dual-texturing pipelines that generate a whopping 1.

Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer Optical. TV-Out Connector Page 5: So is it worth it? The confusion is actually caused by the Guillemot Corporation, since it sells the Hercules brand. The heat caused by the higher clock rates that these cards are capable of is sometimes the bearer of untimely lockups, but the heatsinks provided here should help minimize that problem.


The card also comes with a copy of Power DVD, a very touch-friendly software utility that allows you to play DVDs, using the card’s “motion compensation engine” to provide a clearer picture. The motivation behind Guillemot’s investment: Log in Don’t have an account? Now that we’re in the bigtime, you can expect the standard massive big-o-tronic heatsink prolhet hum away the minute you turn on the system, just to keep the monstrosity from exploding or just igniting into a white-hot flame.

By purchasing the Hercules name, Guillemot was able to sell their products under the name of Hercules, spawning memories of the older days of the former Hercules. Now and then their products suffered from instabilities heercules a bad picture quality due to so-called pixel noise.

Overclocking Chip And Memory. Here are the results of the test:.

Subscribe to our newsletter. Again, those numbers don’t begin to show themselves until you start hitting the higher resolutions.

Hercules boasts that its heatsinks have been crafted to allow the fastest speeds possible for the card, and if you watch the thing in action, you’ll be surprised that prophey card just doesn’t lift the computer off the ground with its sheer wind-power.


Quake 3 Arena, Continued. You will find out later on whether the heat sinks really make any sense.

So I’ll quite the whiny morality play, and get to it. The Card Click here to enlarge. However, you might encounter a few bandwidth problems.

With the memory running at hz it is well above the Memory speed of the default Hercules Ultra. Quake 3 Arena, Continued Page 9: At least Elsa is offering an optional video module. For power gamers who feel absolutely no pain, Hercules and Elsa offer a 64 MB version of their GeForce2 graphics card. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

Blue Wonder? The Guillemot/Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS

Creative cards are currently the cheapest on the market. Year-long tech parts shortage looms. Although the color of the board may not strike many as an impressive feature, being that the card will reside inside your closed system case, the RAM heatsinks are one feature that may users may find attractive upon first glance. The problem is that Hercules is not hrecules company that they used to be.