There may be known operational issues with older firmware and BIOS levels and, in these cases, a customer working with the IBM Support center may be directed to upgrade a component to a recommended level. Driver included in Technology Level. Multi session is not supported. What is my miniport’s service name. The partition IS aligned correctly. Or, you could reference the ‘DisplayName’ in my comment as well:

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The following script can detect if your partitions are not correctly aligned on a 4, byte boundary:. Please contact your EMC representative for details.

Watson Product Search Search. Built into Citrix XenServer. This page combines the previously separate Software and Hardware support matrices.

QLogic Driver Download

Thursday, July 19, 9: NPIV is not supported in this configuration. Please apply all recommended VMware maintenance.


Please visit the VMware Hardware compatibility guide. What does this have to do with the question? Office Office Exchange Server. Microsoft Windows Server R2 Hypervisor with guests. Single path SAN boot Problem: Maybe this is the key: SAN Volume Controller minimum firmware level 7. Veritas Cluster Service 5. SAN Boot is supported.

Windows Storport Miniport Driver has timed out a request

The use of PV Links is recommended. Do not reboot both controllers simultaneously. Red Hat EL 6 through update 7. Where interoperability items have gone end of life out of support and are no longer supported by the vendor either generally or by extended service contact IBM will continue to support the environment on a best can do basis. Rescan all the disk path on miniprt of the Windows cluster nodes Step4: Clustered Windows guest environments are currently not supported.

Please follow the driver link for BIOS levels.

Red Hat Cluster server Steeleye Lifekeeper 9. Thursday, July 19, 8: Minimum supported SVC Version 7. Qlogic, Emulex In Distro Driver.


A single session should exist from a host initiator to SVC target. Email Required, but never shown. Driver included in distro.

Storport Miniport Drivers

These Products are End Of Service and as such are no longer formally supported. Your HPE support representative will perform hardware maintenance and firmware upgrade procedures.

Bladeserver PS Power 7 Technical overview. Multi session is not supported.