Do you know if we ever have a solution for this? Duplicates of this bug Bug Bug Bug This is very frustrating since everything else on this laptop is working flawlessly in Ubuntu. External and internal mics don’t work on Acer TravelMate with the linux-backports -modules. Don’t have a Dapper or an Edgy installation to check. I had no chance to test the Linux preinstalled as shops delete it and replace it with windows.

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Also be sure to test against the latest Hardy Alpah release. Also, I looked at the Realtek 4.

Last update 11 Dec. Hi, On Thu, at However the alcc268 still does not work in Hardy. I am pretty busy with other things at the moment, like working on getting into core-dev so I can maintain OpenOffice. Amit Kucheria amitk wrote on Thanks for taking the time to report this bug and helping to make Ubuntu better. Thanks for the help Enrico.


Ubuntu Audio Team ubuntu-audio. With a clean install of Hardy 8. Shaya Potter spotter wrote on What are you doing?

Realtek sound drivers for ALC and Windows 7 32bit

Using the “volume down button” does not unmute the internal speakers. Can confirm in latest kernel had to compile drivers from realtek website andadd also digital input sources to ALSA in order for all sound to work- this picks up headphone jack and speakers.

xlc268 Martin Olsson mnemo wrote on Thank’s, Felipe Cardoso Martins. See full activity log. Eskild Hustvedt zerodogg wrote on Don’t have a Dapper or an Edgy installation to check.

When I try i get those annoying sounds described by mnemo. I have the same problem and the same output of Alejandro with an Acer I mean, could you listen to yourself in a Skype echo call?

[Solved] No audio INTEL HD audio – Realtek ALC | Antergos Community Forum

I don’t have any sound with the laptop speakers. Microphone also doesn’t work in Skype on Linux. Would there be any additional technical differences between the Toshiba’s configuration that would still prevent sound from working?


ALSA library configuration file managed by asoundconf 1. Mic problems for ALC are traced in alsa bug Would be interesting if the mic works for some of you guys with Intrepid Alpha 4 and a headset.

I’ve been trying to solve this problem for over two weeks. You need to log in to change this bug’s status.

Realtek driver for ALC268 and Windows 7 32bit

But if I reboot on my kernel 2. Need to check alc28 still works in new kernel. If someone wants to check to see if the “official” Realtek driver works it can be downloaded from:.

JClift jclift26 wrote on