Crew Wanted Crew Available. Does MaxSea have a help function? Please mention the hardware, software, websites, plus and minuses. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Please share with us your setup because I rather use a good webcam with a large sensor in it that I can put in a dome on top of my vehicle. The phone’s 5MP camera works great during daylight but not so good once it starts getting say, half past dawn. It’s a Microsoft Webcam in small dome mounted on top of the vehicle.

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The time now is You can still use it with additional software. Because 3588 stream becomes encoded in the laptop and then only has to go one-way outbound to the internet through the datacard, choppiness is less likely if not eliminated depending on the quality of the data service.

My laptop is a gu core 2. To that i also have a external antenna. I checked all the settings and they are set to High Quality. I’m writing this from home and the GPS is aboard and I cannot check but there is a way to stop the data scrolling past and freeze the gosgte so that you can read the various ‘sentences’.


My mount is the Droid car mount bought from Verizon that I drilled a hole in for the camera to see through.

I’ve tried sony’s site to no success. Crew Wanted Crew Available. Here is my set up. I am not looking to do streaming like anyone else, so that in itself may mean I never do want I really 35. Even just knowing what my GPS co-ords are, even if I can’t link it to Maxsea would be better than nothing.

Webcam/Dashcam/Live stream – 2010 edition

If u are able to tether your cell phone for internet thats good but make sure its unlimited data on the plan because if you are streaming the transfer can get big and pricey. One thing to point out is that firewire is dedicated mbps so the upload stream into the laptop does not have to share usb bandwidth with the datacard.

I used TVN before and their 3-application stream configuration was a nightmare on my poor older laptop.

Discussion in ‘ Equipment ‘ started by D. I set up an account on www.

GlobalSat BU SiRFIII USB GPS Receiver for Laptop 20 channels on PopScreen

I’ll stick with SD for now until the new 15G network is fully operational all over the place. Beneteau Catalina Hunter Jeanneau Searunner.


From what I have learned I think I may try streaming this spring when I am out chasing. I have a Sony Handycam For my streaming I am gosgey my old 8mm Sony Handycam.

Here’s a comparison between the two current streaming clients for Android phones on a Motorola Droid.

Webcam/Dashcam/Live stream – edition | Stormtrack

No, create an account now. Bumping up RAM is the single most important thing you need to do. Maxsea 10 and usb gps issue.

This cost me nothing but my time to set it up. From memory, clicking on the right hand button in the Check Data window. I can’t imagine the bandwidth to get a good quality full HD video stream. It is capable of doing streaming as well. Has anybody used this as a resource; or is there a better protocol for streaming?

I’d rather just chase, but I’m still exploring the technology side too. You can see a few samples and the occasional live stream on my website. New Bern, NC Boat: Only a few days left now, so its rather urgent.