Lets me choose what I will have in my system, more than any other distro. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. It is possible even if no longer advertised on nvidia page to emulate NV30 architecture on older cards. This proprietary driver contains some wrapper functions that will compile against the Linux kernel and a binary blob that does the heavy lifting for talking to the card. The install process does not like spaces, or leading dashes minus signs, hyphens

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This usually happens when those drivers are considered “beta” by nVidia – ie.

xdrivers/nvidia-drivers – Gentoo Packages

The egntoo consists of two parts: X is then restarted by the desktop manager xdm, gdm or kdm. Views Read View form View source View history.

To protect the system from malicious activities, linux restricts the users that can access a given piece of hardware. You need to provide fake EDID information to the driver. An open source alternative is nouveau. Once the installation has finished, run modprobe nvidia to load the kernel module into memory.

From time to time, a new kernel release changes the internal ABI for drivers, which means all drivers that use those ABIs must be changed accordingly. Enable this to use MSI interrupts instead of wired interrupts. Sign up using Facebook.


We welcome improvements to this page. An alternative is to uvesafb framebuffer, or vesa framebuffer which can be installed in parallel with legay. If not, double check the kernel configuration so that this support is enabled:.

Gentoo Linux

Multiple versions are available for installation, depending on the card s that the system has. The nvidia kernel module accepts a number of parameters options which can be used to tweak the behavior of the driver.

First, choose the right kernel source using eselect. If you are logged in to X, first log out usually by choosing “Log Out” or “quit” from the menu of your desktop environment.

ldgacy You’ll want to read all of this section before carrying out any commands. Gentoo you get the message: I have an old Nvidia Quadro FX graphic card using the Multiple gentpo are available for installation, depending on the card s you have.

Now, the module is enabled in configuration, but in order for it to work X must be running in either 16 or bit color mode. Warning Pay close attention to this section as these kernel options can enable features that the hardware may or may not support. There will be a new item in the left column list of categories in nvidia settings; Clock Frequencies. Now X must be restarted with the new configuration. If direct rendering does not work, it may be because the kernel has Direct Rendering Manager enabled, which conflicts with the driver.


I tried several distributions with different window managers.

Contents 1 Introduction 2 Background 2. Now it’s time to install the drivers. Setting this to another user ID will make the driver module create the device file with access available to that user ID. Click on the “Enable Overclocking” checkbox and read and accept the license agreeement. To manage this situation, Gentoo uses the eselect tool as already shown earlier.

Depending on the system’s chipset this may cause stability issues if enabled. If you have no special reason to have this enabled, disable it and nvidia will magically work – at the loss of some security.

For example, if the symlink should point to the number 5 item in gebtoo list, run: Change the setting from continuous to discrete and boot back into Linux.