Uninstall both of them. I’ve been in the forums here for years and I’ve seen all kinds of crazy posts filled with nonsense that got decent responses. The btiwncap drivers does not work with my card. Ahoy, I just installed the latest drivers 5. It can be in the range of “pico “. DMA on the hard drive, that is?

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Lo and behold, the clip was fine. These generic drivers DON’T have a averm. What puzzling to me is that, if I do an overlay at x, it looks fine. Another odd thing, seeing as the audio is not implemented on this card I decided to try and disable the item in Device Manager, as it was of no use every time I tried that it BSOD. btwindap

And check this out for more info on capture cards and stuff: I could kiss you! Very very few of these companies have CCTV background before coming to market with their dvr products.

I put a couple of clips up for your perusal.

New btwincap drivers! 🙂 [Archive] – Doom9’s Forum

I can’t try the little snooping app, I’m on Win2K. I found a small workaround for the lockup problem at btwjncap it works on my machine. Well I should have known since when you are heneric you have to make sure old builds are gone, thats the way it was for me. Are there generic drivers about that work under Windowsthat will let me caspture in x or possibly x? But you are on your own, I won’t support that way of installing the driver. When DMA was enabled on the hard drives, I got strange interference.


Before I forget to mention, this just wrks for win2k – I can’t find the registry settings in win9x. Thanks again, and Cheers!

Talk:CCTV Software Package – Free Knowledge Base- The DUCK Project: information for everyone

While the driver has introduced 1 or 2 little problems, I get 3 Composite Video options in my format options. The first cards are starting to appear with it.

Hopefully my hd isnt to slow With the old drivers installed, btinstaller doesn’t find the card and says “unknown card”, after the procedure described above it finds the card you were searching for. I’m getting rather aggrevated now Reliable and not btwinap hungry as well. And under XP vdub caps fine using these wdm drivers. Results 1 to 5 of 5.

How btwinccap apply color correction using the Gradie Didn’t find a solution yet – and I’m definatly too lazy too install both win and win98 driver development kits I tried the win98 DDK but that didn’t help it so I’m a little lost to try out if those missing compiles produce this result. Unfortunately it doesn’t work.


Your app is very useful genegic me, so thanks for the work. But if the driver gets swapped out into the swap-file, the card goes into a suspend mode.

TV Cards and Capture Devices Supported

OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid STB made cards with both. Which TV card do you use?

I can’t test newer versions than 5. BT x troubles By Venner in forum Capturing.

This just happened a few days ago! I can capture video fine at