Warning CD Make sure that you use the AC adapter that came with your notebook or one of the same type purchased from Gateway. Install as many as two memory modules into this bay. For more information, see “Viewing the display on a projector or monitor” on page Searching for files If you are looking for a particular file or folder or a set of files or folders that have characteristics in common, but you do not remember where they are stored on your hard drive, you can use the Search utility to search by: The term “residential gateway” was originally used to distinguish the inexpensive networking devices designated for use in the home from similar devices used in corporate LAN environments which generally offered a greater array of capabilities. Remember that limited accounts may not be able to install some older programs.

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Gateway 200ARC Laptop Modem Board Card A02-0604JP

The Start button provides access to programs, files, help for Windows and other programs, and computer tools and utilities. Ventilation fan Helps cool internal components.

Streaming gareway and video files With a network, you can store audio files such as the popular. The Properties dialog box opens at the General tab. Clicking the minimize button reduces the active window to a button on the taskbar.


While the Disk Defragmenter program is running, do not use your keyboard or mouse because using them may continuously stop and restart the defragmenting process. Wired Ethernet networks are typically faster than other network types.

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You cannot use this drive to create DVDs. The desktop is like the top of a real desk. Get an immediate offer. This saves on the cost of installing another telephone line for your second computer and paying for a second Internet service provider ISP account.

For more information about using a program, click Help on its menu bar. For more information on 200arx the DVD player, see its online help. Most routers are self-contained components, using internally stored firmware. To send a simple fax: MOV Sound and Music.

You can often export all of your old e-mail messages or address book to recordable media, then import them into your new notebook’s e-mail program. Type the keyword connecting to Web site in the Search box search I H. This item will ship to United Statesbut the seller has not specified shipping options.

You can also select which power saving mode is activated when you close the LCD panel. Gateway Technical Support will need this information if you call for assistance.

After setting up your account, you can connect to the Internet and access your e-mail services. The Windows Components Wizard opens. Replace only with a Gateway ARC battery. To create MP3 files: Type the keyword using transfer wizard in the Search box search I H. For more 200qrc about diagnostics and troubleshooting tools in Windows XP, click Start, then click Help and Support.


The Fax Configuration Wizard opens the first time you try to send a fax. For more information, see “Front” on page 2. See “Installing a printer, scanner, or other peripheral device” on page 35 for more information about attaching a printer to your notebook.

Gateway ARC Laptop Modem Board Card AJP

Before you clean your notebook, turn if off, unplug it from its power source, and remove the battery. Then the clipboard contains the new information only. This key can also be used in combination with other keys to open utilities like F Search utilityR Run utilityand E Explorer utility. Clicking the program button in the taskbar opens the window again. For more information, see “System key combinations” on page