A barometrical altimeter is therefore more accurate, especially when summarizing elevation changes. Added more time zones. Since I do a lot of shopping on ebay, I of course, checked here for it and found one for a decent price. So it was frustrating that this wasn’t more intuitive. As usual, it’s all about trade-offs – the eTrex Vista is a great unit if you’re out in the open. The compass direction from a position to a destination measured to the nearest degree; also called an azimuth. Remove lithium ion as a battery choice.

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Total ascent Maximum elevation Elevation profile Current ascent Current elevation For each data field, you can choose from 15 different values. Add capability for 1 wide data fields on map page.

Time To First Fix, time until the first information about the current position is acquired.

Add feature to save active track log to file on data card. This little unit is great for going out on the trail for a hike. Accuracy of current position information Current position coordinates Constellation of the satellites Strength of satellites’ signals. Changed datum used in the Estonian grid to GRS Skip to main content. Enhance layout and functionality of tide station chart information. But it doesn’t hold a signal well under heavy tree cover. Enhance visibility of paths in map Topo Great Britian v2.


Improved drawing of lines for MPC maps. Fix shutdown when editing Estonian Grid coordinates. But the manual provides all the instruction you need.

Garmin/eTrex Vista Cx

Remove lithium ion as a battery choice. Turn the GPS on.

The very sensitive antenna provides navigation information outdoors, in a car, in a train or even in visya airplane see MapSource examples. Travelled trip distance Maximum speed Moving time Average speed moving time only Stopped time Average speed total time Current elevation Accumulated travelled distance Odometer Efrex each data field, you can choose from 39 different values.

Corrected French translation for ‘Log track points’. I’m a techie so reading the manual is usually the last thing I do.

I chose this model over the Legend Cx since it has a built in Altimeter. Allow backlight adjustment on the track back point selection page. Improve path nighttime color for map Topo Great Britian v2.

Improve selection of the names of cross roads with NT maps. Add selectable alarms for proximity waypoints and custom POI. LOL It works good for the speed, trip, and all the other features that are built in, I am happy e nough with it.


For each data field, you can choose from 39 different values. So it was frustrating that this wasn’t more intuitive. This device is in good working condition with no issues.

Garmin eTrex Vista CX Handheld | eBay

I think the altimeter will be more useful and accurate if I were to purchase the topographic map to use the iso lines to calibrate the altime ter more easily.

Fix garmmin highlight index at unit field in ‘Area Calculation’ page after select reset in menu. In a GPS receiver, bearing usually refers to the direction to a waypoint. Travelled trip distance Current speed Moving time For each data field, you can choose from 39 different values. Show More Show Less. The features that I wanted, at a reasonable price was the deciding factor to my purchase.