Note that the camera will compress the image so that it doesn’t take too long to transmit. What is it that you really see? At the camp fire at night the F31fd is a clear winner. The F31FD is a 6. The camera casing is made of metal and is very solid. You can also comfortably hold the camera and take pictures with one hand. In the fast-moving, ‘bigger better faster’ world of the digital compact the Fujifilm FinePix F30 will be one of the rare few that are remembered after they have gone the nearest this throwaway business gets to a ‘classic’.

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Fujifilm FinePix F31fd

The Fujifilm F31fd’s image sensor is coupled with a 3x optical zoom lens with a 35mm equivalent focal length range of 36 – mm – a moderate wide angle to a moderate telephoto. Like many other point-and-shoot cameras, the F31FD has other shooting modes as well.

See price on Amazon. The FinePix F31fd delivers an astonishing shots per charge, which means you’re always ready for that next photo opportunity. I charge maybe once a month with moderate usage. Which is something of a disappointment, finepic this new feature is a welcome one that works quite well in the right situations. Nikon D D Dec 23, video. An infinity mode for landscapes would have been a good idea, but this is also missing. The F30 also, against all the odds, actually sold pretty well, going against the conventional wisdom that consumers buy on pixel counts alone.

We’ll start, as ever, with the headline specification: Combined with the RP Processor II and an aspherical Fujkfilm lens system, which are used widely in professional broadcast TV cameras, the FinePix F31fd can reach groundbreaking levels of sensitivity, up to ISO with very low noise, which can cause grainy pictures. This anti-glare coating is used on millions of plasma and LCD screens worldwide, and makes the F31fd’s LCD viewable even in direct light.


Fujifilm Finepix F31fd Review: Digital Photography Review

If you have never used a digital camera before, or you’re upgrading from a more basic model, reading the comprehensive and fairly easy-to-follow manual before you start is a good idea.

Another feature that is surprisingly good is the F31FD’s ability to shoot in low light situations. The unit responds well and does exactly what it’s designed to do and as stated earlier, is amazing at shooting people photos.

While Fuji isn’t the only camera manufacturer that’s stingy with in-camera memory, it would be nice if manufacturers would consider this a vital selling point and include at least MB of memory in cameras like this. It offers a fastest ISO speed of at full resolution, allowing you take more natural photos in low-light conditions without having to resort to flash. Basic Specifications Full model name: I have a Panasonic FZ30 and aTZ1, excellent long range Leica lenses, great for bright light, but they don’t do real well in low light.

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According to Fuji, this mode gives blues in the ocean a more vivid saturation. You can also add a sound clip to an image, set the print order and the transfer order. To look at it, it almost looks out of date by today’s sexy yet ever-so-slender point-and-shoot standards. This little workhorse fits perfectly in your coat or shirt pocket so it is always ready to capture the moment with stills or video.


Dec 20, Intelligent Flash is a little more exciting. There are no real innovative features here, but everything that the Fujifilm Finepix F31fd does, it does well. The flash is so powerful that I found myself taking back a few steps because the subjects were over illuminated in almost pitch black night.

These cameras have exceptionally usable high ISO settings giving pictures shot at ISO of that are comparable to pictures shot at ISO or lower on most other digital cameras.

The Anti-blur mode forces the camera g31fd select a fast shutter speed in order to freeze subject movement more effectively, whilst alo setting a fast ISO speed and firing the flash the Natural Light scene mode doesn’t fire the flash. The startup and shutter response is quick and accurate — particularly if you’re shooting group shots in the face recognition mode.

Take another look at the specifications, though, and you’ll find out why the Fujifilm Finepix F31fd is worth a second look. And in this case, the Fuji is significantly ahead of many of the competing cameras on the market today.

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