Product P ackage Conte nts Do not move the ante nna close to, or couching any exposed par t of the body when making a call. At any ti me during you r connection y ou can check y our current co nnection speed and. The U utilizes po wer manageme nt and system o verhead. U Access Manager will open the Broadband Networks window as shown below.

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Select this option to check for the av ailable latest software. The text can change to the following: The details of your c urrent connection can be seen in fganklin s tatus bar at the bottom of.

This includes all co ntact lists, downloads i.


Documents Included on your Modem Memory. The guidelines are ba s ed on standards that were developed by independent. Double click on the U Access Manager icon on your desktop or click on the Windows. Once hardware detection is complete, you will be prompted to start activation.


If any of the items listed below. Any action for breach of any warr anty must be brought. This extens ion cable may be used to incre ase RF. The standard incorporat es a substantial margin o f safety to give additiona l. T rouble Sho oting Double click U CD icon on th e Desktop. Franklin Wire less is not.

The following section will guide you through th e wirelese and setup process for U If any de vice. Fea t ur es At any ti me during you r connection y ou can check y our current co nnection speed and.

This equipment complies with FCC radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment. Y our wireless modem is a radio tran smitter and receiver. The U provides simple yet powerful user. The text on the frank,in bar refl ects your cu rrent state. At a glance you can see the signal streng th.

Franklin Technology U USB Modem User Manual FTI U User manual

This status bar is alw ays visible when the interface. The installati on software is included in the U modem memory.

In addition, for referenc e to an authorized W arranty station. Placing your mouse point er on it will display the curren t. If you choose this optionthe software will only check for u pdate. Installation will occur t o the destination folder specified in Step 2. During this step the components of U Access Manager product are being instal led.


If this option is checked the U Y ou are now ready to select the locati on on y our computer where U Access. wirdless

Franklin Technology U310 USB Modem User Manual FTI U310 User manual 20101108

Please wait while U is in stalled and ready to use. Do no t touch the antenna unnece ssarily when the modem is in. With U, you are always connected whether you are aw ay from home, on the road, or.