Nov 12, at 2: Nov 11, at 2: Now what would really help is for someone with the same controller and game to report that they do, or do not have the same problem. If I turn the speed down, I can get the in game movement to be almost in sync with the mouse movement, but then it’s so slow that I have to pick up the mouse and move it across the pad times just to spin in a circle. What about various games and performance?

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But after only a couple of minutes the strange macro thing happened again whereby pressing L1 to aim set off a throw grenade and reload sequence instead. Although I am pretty happy with the latest MW2 expert firmware, that I also use successfully with Borderlands, I’ll give 2.


Hello, I just got the new wireless controller from SplitFish last night. I charged the batteries till they were full on Wednesday or Thursday, and kept it aside till this Saturday afternoon, and they fragjstein completely flat.

There is a choice for “mouse calibration” level 1 – 5 but no explanation of exactly what this changes. I also see on their website an announcement that there will be a firmware update for this availabel on 14th November. I seem to fragnstien less connection ‘jitters’ if I give the thing line of sight.

WideloadNov 11, Sans the batteries, both the fragchuck and the mouse actually feels extremely light, but once you load up the batteries and you need three AAA on each sidethe weight pretty much becomes a fragnshein. To be fair to splitfish, I’m going to test it out with other batteries and perhaps swap those fragnsteein the mouse with the one in the fragchuck to see if it consistently does that.


Bannco’s Fragnstein

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Jan 13, Feagnstein I’m away for the weekend so won’t be able to install this until early next week but will post my thoughts as soon as I can.

Splitfish finally delivered my replacement Frag FX Pro while I was away but it’s here and I’ll run the firmware fragnxtein and see what it can do later this evening. Thanks for visiting us for all things game related.

FragNStein PS3 Controller

Does this sound normal or does it sound like I have a bad unit. Members are free to say what they wish, within reason.

This setting seems to give the least amount of mouse lag or dead space. Jul 30, Messages: Mar 24, Messages: Nov 14, at 6: For the love of god why are you asking about such things on the PC forums? Windows XP, Pro and Vista. Also, as console games are built with contol pads in mind, are there any issues with the slight auto aim that devs put into games to make the controllers handle better whilst using the mouse?

Thanks for trying to help Baggy but if you’d read my previous posts you’d know that I found the best performance in this game to be one notch down from max.


I’m still currently favouring my Bannco Fragnstein or wired FragFXv2 and see that there’s a another firmware for the Fragnstein on their website yesterday. I think you will love your new mouse mat with it too.

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There is slight jittering from time to time but in the main I feel that the connection is about as good as it’s going to get. Are you on the latest firmware? Skrilla Offline Admin Posts: Setting up can take a bit of experimentation but if mouse acceleration irritates you I’d suggest you go for the MW expert firmware from the Bannco site as opposed to the standard. The mouse on the other hand seems okay although since the fragchuck was drained, I didn’t really get the chance to use it to really tell whether any of the batteries had been drained.

The other thing I’d like to highlight, which I deem rather minor, is that if I recall correctly, the USB extension cable in the package seems much shorter than what’s specified in the manual. I was originally in the Fragfx v2 thread after I bought one for Christmas but having played with it for a few weeks, I can’t get it to work as I want it to.

Thanks x 1 List.