To make adjustments in the On Screen Display, follow these steps: Main power breaker is the power cord and this breaking device must be located at a location where it is easy to operate. In the presence of thunder and lightning, never touch the power cord and signal cable because it can be very dangerous. Overloaded AC outlets and extension cords are dangerous. Use only a stand recommended by the manufacturer. Sorry, we have no information at present about the content of the box.

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What is your level of expertise: You can save or restore the adjusted value even when using a different environment. Select another sub-menu A14 Downloaded from ManualMonitor. A3 Downloaded from ManualMonitor. Operate the display only from a power source indicated in the specifications of this manual or listed on the display.

If yes, readjust the video card to the recommend resolution. On Safety Use only the power cord supplied with the unit. Physical Dimensions with stand.

Connecting the stand 1. Keep children from dropping or pushing objects into the display’s cabinet openings. Place the display near or over a radiator or heat source. When monitor flatgon is turned on, the ‘Self Image Setting Function’ is executed automatically. Do not drop an object on or apply impact to the product. A11 Downloaded from ManualMonitor.


Envelopes and sleeping bags. Adjust the position of the panel in various ways for maximum comfort.

LG Flatron L1954SM 19″ LCD Monitor, built-in Speakers

A1 Downloaded from ManualMonitor. Do not place the display on a sloping shelf unless properly secured. Call your service technician for replacement.

Do not press the LCD screen with your finger for a long time as this may cause some afterimages. Please refer to the installation guide for more details, which is provided when Wall mount plate is purchased. The image contrast is heavily dependent on the angle of view on the LCD panel falls.

Older monitors with long response times would create display motion blur around moving objects, making them unacceptable for rapidly moving images.

LG LSM – 19″ LCD Monitor

Set the color setting higher than fkatron bits true color. However, this will have no impact or effect on the display performance. If necessary, perform the white balance function again.


If you would like to get quicker reply regarding stock or products in that period you can also whatsapp or sms Antonia on Sorry, we have no information at present about the content of the box. Slide the Cable Deco Cover out from the stand body.

LG Flatron L1954SM – monitors specifications.

Flatrob and playgrounds Puzzles, jigsaw puzzles. Paintball and airsoft Trunks for markers. On Repacking Do not throw away the carton and packing materials. If you are not sure what type of power supply you have in your home, consult with your dealer. When shipping the unit to another location, repack it in its original material. Pillow for pregnant and lactating. Select another sub-menu A13 Downloaded from ManualMonitor.