So I’d want InvertY. The screen went black and the system stopped responding so trying not to freak out on the phone I held the power button for 10 secs to turn it off. Just install the driver. On another note, gateway is sending me a new pen too. Let’s see if it returns something different.

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4 in 1 laser pointer pen

Which is what the comment before the statement indicates is The Right Thing to Do. Let me know if you want them. I’m assuming some parameter in xorg.

Since they’re all different you might have to try each one. I’ll study the output.

I returned the gateway, and Future Shop had no replacements, and neither did Best Buy. Originally Posted by kingofearth I got my widescreen to work now finally, but I still can’t figure out the serial port thing.

Finepoint Innovations | The Engineer The Engineer

If not we just need to figure out what the script files name and location is. The coordinate positions seem the same. Look at what I found: Add the following to your xinitrc: I have it set with the buttons option and with Button2 ihnovations working as a Right Click. Maybe the deb installs it somewhere else?


New Gateway 14″ Widescreen Tablet on Sale at Best Buy Today

I decided to try one more time and called the next day and the young lady in the business dept. Hey jonthemiller, Really good work!

So I think he probably had a clue. I just finished the xorg.

For instance, has anyone else experienced severe pointer lag when drawing in Photoshop CS? Hi jonthemiller, Oh well. Yeah, its the active pen with the side button and no eraser.

[ubuntu] Fine Point Tablet driver Gateway laptop [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

This forum is for you. It seems pretty awkward. Last edited by gustafson; at I will follow the instructions on the help. OK, I finepoont have a patch that should make the driver RandR aware.

I had to get something from another room so I set the stylus down on the right-side of the ledge atop the battery. Did you try inserting the button option? Well didn’t think I’d have any more to add at this point but something truly terrible just happened It fineplint be “jon jon-laptop: Unless you have one of the two latest versions, it does not support rotation.


And I did find one listing: Upon installing the Wacom Penabled driver, I’m told that no compatible tablet was found! Need help running Linux on your netbook? Maybe it’s on sale and it’s only for a limitted time. Basically, it looks like my pointer spasm problem comes from these two lines: