Toshack Highway has been both a moving forward and a retrospective work — with releases including demos and reworking of Swervedriver material — which kind of ties all of your music together into a whole work. And I think 99th Dream was the least satisfactory of our four albums…. Because it matches the thing that you know, the safe thing of recording something in your room, and it sounds nice, to the transition to the big studio thing and realizing that you can mix those things together and it works that way as well. Why not add your own? They wanted an astronomical amount of money from Geffen to buy the album. I love the fact that you still have affection for your older stuff.

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Swervedriver:Feel So Real Lyrics | LyricWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

People were walking out with panes of glass that they owned, and fans and stuff. I can do anything I want. And we really wanted to get back out here and, of course, play the album! And then, to compound rdal, a week after the album was put out they announced that they were going to drop us anyway.

There are so many great things about it.

That was a good servedriver, definitely, recording that album. We do not have any tags for Feel So Real lyrics. Yeah, it was great.


Swervedriver – Feel So Real Lyrics

There seems to be a consensus that the next record, Ejector Seat, is the Swervvedriver masterpiece. There are loads of my four-track things on Ejector Seat. Those drum sounds are amazing. You must have been extremely proud and optimistic about it. There were actually a lot of drugs sort of etched into the deal as well.

Feel So Real Lyrics Swervedriver ※ Mojim Lyrics

So we decided to just crack on and do a new record. I was playing through one of those little Marshall amps that you can strap on your belt, and the battery was running down and it was breaking up.

There was a swervfdriver of sorts, not in particularly happy circumstances. Add your thoughts No Comments. Rex on Electric Warrior, with the strings and the acoustic guitars. So the Swervedriver reunion is probably not on the horizon, huh? How did you know what to do? Did you like it more, or less? And various people we knew, people who knew about acoustics and stuff. I think that this album gets a little neglected in comparison to Mezcal Head swervdriver Ejector Seat.

Swervedriver:Feel So Real Lyrics

And, like I always did, I put them onto a little tape and gave copies to the guys to see what songs they liked the sound of. But it seemed like every band was doing something with acoustic guitars and strings.


So this is the second phase of ewervedriver relationship to a producer. It all mounts up.

I love the fact that you still have affection for your older stuff. What happened in the end was, we were kind of sick of the swervediver. But still, for us the USA was the main place where we were selling records.

I wanted to avoid that as much as possible for this interview. But the thing was, he was in the room with the mics. You might want to break into there.

Was that always part of the plan, with the label. Which was great as it gave us a different angle because the album was still being pushed by Sony in Australia and in certain parts of Europe and Germany and France.

Jody was our connection, and she was gone.