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The Best Fitness Gifts of On the down side, there’s no good way to get images out of the Dual Cam.

Ezonics EZPhone Cam – web camera Overview – CNET

Micro Innovations ChatCam Webcam. I ventured outside to test the Dual Cam’s still camera mode, and ezphohe a scene full of leaves that’d be as mean as possible to a lousy compression system.

It fits seamlessly into home, office, healthcare and digital signage applications. Every time you take a picture, that spikes to about mA. If this is as much digital camera as you can afford – or if this is as much digital camera as your kids can be trusted with – then it’s a good choice.

But it’s cheap and cheerful, has flexible features that are actually good for something, works fine as a webcam, doesn’t eat its battery too fast, and has a decent software bundle. New other see details.

Video Worksa more capable editing package that includes luxuries like effects. We read and comb through the hundreds of books that get published to reveal the best books out there—the novels, memoirs, short story and essay collections, and nonfiction titles. It’s not too bad. Still a lot dimmer than daylight, but considerably brighter than the average ezohic night-time scene.


We rounded up our favorite gift ideas so you can check off everyone on your list.

Like some other combo-cams, the Dual Cam has a switch on it that tells it what to report itself as when you exphone it to the computer. According to the documentation, they all work with Windows 98, ME or Here’s the by low light shot click the picture to get the full resolution image Clip on the top of your lapt Modern USB webcams, you see, don’t have a lot of internal intelligence; they rely on their two-way connection to the computer to handle things like exposure settings. It contains your basic webcam software, like Nobody – well, nobody honest – would sell a camera that performed like this.

Nifty curvy styling, with the lens sticking out of a fake ball-turret. Additional highlights include a wide-angle lens, built-in microphone, and one-touch blogging.

You can use the new EZCam Pro to video chat with friends and family, send video emails, play games, and create multimedia projects for home or office. Every camera comes with basic driver software, of course; you set them up by installing the driver, then plugging in the camera.


Ezonics – EZ Phone Can 3 In I Ez | eBay

But who’s going to listen? This item is Class B refurbished. This problem, though, wasn’t a software one. It’s easy to shop by brand, price range or customer rating. ezphhone

The EZDual Cam, on the other hand, has proper non-volatile storage. You focus the lens by turning the outer ring; it feels like the usual cheesy webcam focus mechanism, but at least you can’t accidentally unscrew or jam it.

The Dual Cam’s lens assembly can rotate right around to point backwards, but there’s no orientation detector that de-inverts the image if you do that. Fixing that problem’s no big deal, though – you just reinstall the current version of DirectX, which can be downloaded from Microsoft here.

Ezonics USB cameras compared

Then, the Dual Cam just delivers video data straight to the computer like any other webcam. But you still ought to get more than three hours of on-time from each battery, and maybe as much as five, depending on how you use the camera. The EZDual Cam also has Ulead Coola panorama stitching package that lets you take an arc or circle of overlapping pictures and fuse them together.