Use administrative tool to bring volume online. Please check events for more details. Two days ago I started to face a long queue and all mails are stuck, but after moving the database from one server to another the queue release the mails???? Check connectivity to KMIP server. If they are already up, please check CVD. Error in initializing the mapping file restore. New Path Added to Replication set:

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RemoteApp and Desktop Connection Configuration. Please check MA logs for more details. Found one or more LUNs that do not meet standard configuration.

In the Properties page, click Add User or Group. Create Archive Group copy failed – A copy with the same name already exists. Please upgrade the MediaAgent. Master DrivePools must be deconfigured before their Library.

User does not have required [Alert Management] capability for this CommCell and this operation. Session server state is not listening, cannot wait for messages.


Recovery points that have been saved on this machine could be compromised or its behavior could evnt unpredictable. Verify the mountpath is write enabled. The NDMP information is still in use by a client. There is no valid data for the archive file in any Storage Policy Copy.

EventTracker KB –Event Id: Source: MSExchange Store Driver

All media agents hosting the deduplication engines and libraries are below the required service pack level to run DDB based Data Verification job.

The errors that forced this action have been written to the application event log. Failed to convert the token number to base 35 string 5 character string. Failed to reset manual retention of jobs after the expiration date reached.

Please make sure that the DNS settings are appropriate. Please check network connectivity and ensure that the product’s services are running on both client and CommServe. Failed to get the unique ID of the chunk from the archive manager on the CommServe. Make sure you have the privilege to create services on the passive nodes.


Event ID – 1017

The error returned is: Prior logs are named Bfx. Use Stlre for Log Backup has been disabled. The connection has been aborted! Please check the Subclient Properties – Software Compression. Check the Media Manager log for more information. Storage Policy has been cloned successful. Set quota limit to a lower value. Syntax server error code: Please run disk utilities to correct this problem.

System Messages, Event Strings and Error Codes

Some snap jobs are not picked for backup copy as they are prevented in source copy. Please check MA Logs for more details.

Failed to configure one of the CommCell level licenses in the database. Failed to listen socket on host: