Libinput From Gentoo Wiki. I don’t know why, after restarting the computer, my touchpad is running with synaptics again. Many users will desire the native ‘tap-to-click” behavior for laptops with modern touchpads. Found x and y relative axes [ For these devices, add the following snippet, adjusted to your device name obtain this via xinput –list.

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The default snippet shipped with the xorg-xdrv-Xorg package is evdev. Example how to make Yubikey always with “us” layout even though the rest of the system is non-US has been presented at this blogpost.

[SOLVED] Should I be using evdev or synaptics for my touchpad?

Verify the evdev driver is no longer referenced anywhere by Portage check make. It get’s loaded into X.

The arguments are layout, model, variant, options and any empty argument is simply ignored in this case model and variant. Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies. Tap-to-click can be enabled in the mouse configuration dialog in the touchpad tab but if you need tapping enabled at gdm, the following snippet will enable it for you:.

linux – Which driver is handling my touchpad? – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

To match a device, all match lines must apply. User-specific configuration does not need to specify this key again and instead should only provide local configuration options – such as the TapButton1 setting above.


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Files with the suffix. For detailed information see the libinput-list-devices 1 man page.

The following focuses on the user-specific configuration directory. To avoid this, chose your default keyboard layout in gdm as well see Bug Whenever a new input evdevv is plugged in, or an existing input device is removed, HAL notifies the X server about the presence or removal of the device.

The following example shows how to enable tapping and how to configure various other options; you probably won’t need everything in it.

Synaptic Touchpad adding psmouse and evdev to Kernal. In F18 and later systemd-localed is in charge of setting keyboard layouts. Note that if AllowEmptyInput is off and AutoAddDevices is on, then devices may be added multiple times once as specified in the xorg. If you own a Computer with a Trackpoint a Thinkpad for example you can add the following to the xorg.


Instead, the whole touchpad works as a button.

Complete guide to configuring your touchpad with Linux

In researching this, I’ve found a lot of threads and docs talking about synaptics, but not so much talk about evdev. Thus, if you select “us” in gdm to log in and then “de” in the GNOME session, the effective keyboard layout for future sessions is “de,us”.

Do not edit these files directly, as they will be overwritten in the next update. For comments or queries, please contact us. If this snippet is present, any touchpad is assigned the libinput driver.

Input device configuration

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The device is a virtual interface, it doesn’t belong to a physical device.

Ok, now I’m very confused. This section would match a pointer device containing “Lasermouse” from “Lasermouse Inc.

You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. On my system for example where I’m using Fedora 19 and a Thinkpad with a Synaptic touchpad I have no Kernel driver as well.