There’s of course plenty of people who don’t fall into those groups who prefer to read maps that way, just to answer your question about whether there’s research about it. If I look up where I’m going in advance, or use written instructions, I can generally backtrack to my origin without too much difficulty. Another system from back in the days of pre-very accurate gps: One thing it’s highly correlated with is whether you’re either a heterosexual woman, or a homosexual man. The system used map-matching augmented dead reckoning. His engineers developed a proprietary way of speeding up the process by crafting software tools that corrected for distortions in scans of aerial photography, another key innovation.

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The navigator is responsible for offering the captain a strategic plan regarding what path to follow. Because drawing lines only where they should be drawn instead of drawing a raster of dots. The map moved on the screen as the car was driven, but instead of the color raster graphics display of today’s systems it had a green vector display. FYI, here is a part which is still relevant today: It can read out your text messages and enable full use of your phone’s personal assistant.

Murdoch had been persuaded that digital maps would be a major advertising medium, and Etak was arguably the leader in mapping the markets of major nations. Another system from back in the days of pre-very accurate gps: To appreciate just how amazing the concept of car navigation was inyou need to recall that the Global Positioning System—the constellation of satellites operated by the U.


Oct 8, In: Early Etak product literature claimed that “Etak” was an ancient Polynesian term that described navigating intuitively by the stars.

And that was how it started. The difficulty of plotting a course at sea got the two men talking.

As it turns out, developing the hardware for this device ended up being the straightforward part. The better ones also have a Z blanking input. Jul 26, Start of add to list layer.

Etak SkyMap GPS and CDROM mapping system

People have gotten into etai easy to see when looking at rivers and topo on a map in advancestuck in snow, and have even died in the desert: However, whether anyone bought a unit remains in doubt. Honey estimates that Etak sold between 2, to 5, units, with the 4.

By taking the time to try using the system for real directions to a customers site, and then remember item 1you would gpss more than fashionably late as the trip most often ended after getting directions from another source and the painful explanation to the direction givers response YOU are WHERE??

I wish modern cars which already have all the necessary sensors would use this method as a fallback, since GPS reception is not always available.

TomTom Road Trips

Some of TomTom’s high-end devices like the TomTom GO have built-in accelerometers and gyros, and use “Enhanced Positioning Technology” to perform augmented dead reckoning when GPS signals are not available, like in tunnels and highly built-up areas.


There was also Honda’s Gyrocator a few years earlier: Etk additional cognitive load is worth it for me.

But exactly how to populate those tapes with maps was by far the thornier problem. Bushnell had hired Honey to navigate his racing yacht Charley through the Transpacific Yacht Race, a prestigious sailing event efak spanned 2, nautical miles of open ocean from Los Angeles to Honolulu.

Creativity Creativity Why our favorite screen villains always have that maniacal laugh Creativity Inthe best streaming drama took place offscreen Creativity 11 pop culture phenoms we said goodbye to in Among the companies he founded or fostered in the s were ByVideo electronic shopping,personal robots Androbot,and Furby-like interactive wtak Axlon, Since its formation, the Census Bureau had always needed precise maps for census taking.

How Etak Paved the Way to Personal Navigation

Specifically traffic, where it sometimes provides useful etwk although I dislike Waze’s re-routing. I am forced to recenter which rezooms-in too much in many cases, or I must move the map manually to keep pace. Here’s an article about it in New Scientist, “Gay men read maps like women”: The crew of Charley shortly after finishing the Transpac. The Future of Driving, Now! I have trouble doing Z.