The results is same that on ESXi 5. Each command is exactly one line! The problem is not the driver or the iso creation. Andreas Peetz November 10, at Hi Dmitry, yes, see my post here:

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Anonymous November 20, at 5: I get to set up my study lab now. U2 sees it as an “unknown” storage adapter and U3 recognizes the chipset, but both versions are able to access datastores connected to it when VT-D is enabled and other devices are passed through to VMs. For update 2 that file can be found at this path within the install. Please do not enter contact information. I ran lspci -v and found it You really help me with my external esata raid ; thank-thank-thank you!

If you want to dive deeper into this then please read my post here: Even though HellMind’s configuration is to my understanding not supportedI’m quite confident that the cause of the problem there is the same, such that it will be addressed by the same fix that will take care of the other affected PCI devices.

Is there a bug or ticket number that I can track to see the progress of getting this fixed? Enter the root password.


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My motherboard has a that wasn’t working and I needed the missing ports, so I bought a based PCI add-on card and it’s displaying the same symptoms Storage adapter is recognized, but no devices are visible with VT-D enabled in ESXi 5.

The sata-xahci package will not help you then. Could you please help me with that one Marvell Andreas Peetz November 8, at 7: Dmitry November 16, at 8: Currently there is no consolidated list of supported adapters, but get the complete view by looking at all the Updates to this blog post. But somehow when i want to install esxi the esxi install does not recognize my msata disk Crucial M Gb. May be you know where I can find a detailed information on how ESXi loads modules and why enabled modules can be unloaded after rebooot?

I will not create a separate VIB for each controller, but will update the existing one to support all that are reported to me. Afternoon Andreas, Can you add the following please if it makes it iich9r looking to get passthrough support only? However, I will download your version and give it a try.

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If this does not work then I cannot really help further, sorry. What do you mean, when will be solving this Marvell chip and ESXi 5. Andreas Peetz Iich9r 5, at 8: Dmitry, see my comment here. I wanted to say thank you and you’re doing a great service to the VMware community making ESX accessible on a wide range of hardware.


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Anonymous November 20, at 1: Note that the driver link is for ESX and the driver arcmsr. See the example below: Hi Ez-Aton, I added this controller in version 1. I’m now back to using esxi v5. Is passthrough working with other devices? Well, at least of the things that seemed like they’d be relevant to the controller There was a lot of side stuff about the Motherboard North and South bridges. Did you find this information useful?

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