I am also the owner of a Mackie Onyx FW. The technical support guy hasn’t had time to update all machines yet and of course I don’t have access. It’s difficult to compare them because they are totally different. You will need to spend more money to get a better sound with a different interface. Nov 12 4: For Euros in a well-known German supplier is a very good deal and I would advise anyone who wants to use the software mixer virtual Mixvibes come, Deckadance etc. On the other hand, it has inputs 4 total , one of them being a 48V amped XLR connector for microphones.

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With Gigaport I mean: Its made of an aluminum case and its pretty stylish and sleek. The included USB cable is sturdy and long enough. Has anyone figured this out in the past asioo I also own a Mackie Onyx with Firewire. I have already 3 rca output and I wanted to use the monitor output as 4th exit.

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That feature is just a extra cool thing and its nothing that would ever be a deal breaker essi me purchasing a interface system. No latency during wild scratch sessions. On the other hand, it has inputs 4 totalone of them being a 48V amped XLR connector for microphones. Also tried it on: I would like to change an internal configuration, I have not successful.

It’s difficult to compare them because they are totally different. Might this be a bug that is already fixed in later versions?

You just need the mic and you can record stuff right away. There are also 6 independent individual outputs on the backside, perfect for multi-channel playback applications like to provide individual outputs for software synthesizers, to provide independent aslo channels for DJ software or to provide surround playback capability via a 5.

Well, here’s my last post on the subject: May 28 4: I have not opened the manual, useless Buy Max 8 Now.

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The comparison is difficult because these cards are totally different. So this is a basically a whole package. Request a new review. This is what I do: I’m not sure about CPU-usage and latency though. The ESI U 46 has a direct wire feature that will allow you to record stuff from one application to another application internally. Our members also liked: I’m running Max 5.


ESI – Download: U46 SE

U46 XL is a powerful multi-purpose 4-in 6-out multi-channel audio interface designed for various recording applications at home or on the road. At the time I haven’t came across another interface that dsi do that when I first got thisbut since then I have found a few more that have added that feature. Learn about our user asi Expo ’74 Coming in April May 25 4: Just got a Gigaport and have encountered the same problem.

A cool feature is the DirectWIRE support in the driver, allowing ssi to record signals from one application to another internally. I tested the rane Scratch Live before sl 2.