It is worth explaining in detail which packages to choose as the download site is quite confusing. Now when I start up my Ubuntu VM, the scanner is seen everytime. Dear package maintainers, as you see, ‘epkowa’ and some other Epson backends are clearly mispackaged. This is the perfect answer for this the Epson V scanner. Use with caution in scripts. Could be several reason why Ubuntu and running a VM can prevent the scanner from being seen. Symlinks isn’t hard to create in the postinstall scripts.

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Linux Scanner Driver Download

I just got done doing the exact thing I just wrote and it worked for me. Comment ubunhu this change optional.

On artful, libsane1 1.

Purchased only 3 months ago, it was fully functionnal in zesty. This doesn’t look like a bug fix to me, it’s a workaround, needing a user tweak, libsane1 should look for third party g500 drivers once called backends IIRC in the “legacy” directories as well as in the new ones, for backward compatibility.


This would mean that it doesn’t matter if the plug-in expects the library multiarch or not.

ScanningHowTo – Tips on setting up your scanner. It is offered in 32 and 64 bit versions.

[SOLVED] Epson V on Ubuntu 64bit

I accepted that and used the negative tray inside the scanner, selected transparent instead of flatbed, and negative as source. In the past, I have been able to get this scanner to work on my Linux system. Same problem for Epson Perfection V Bo Lundberg bo-lundberg epsonn on Yevhen onegin-ua wrote on Now you can leave Windows alone again.

Unbendable Girder 5 years ago. December 14, Just tried it as root. Click my [Thank] link. But the Epson V is still not working. Could be several reason why Ubuntu and running a VM can prevent the scanner from being seen. I just found out that after updating both Ubuntu and Virturalbox, my scanner stopped working in Linux.

Mine has the following content: Click v500, and then highlight the icon for your new VM and run it. However, if one has “Deutschland Deutsch ” it is found. Status changed to ‘Confirmed’ because the bug affects multiple users. Ran install of VB, but not the extensions just yet, you want to do that after installing Ubuntu.


Epson V Working in Linux | I Shoot Film Scanner Group. | Flickr

Works fine with xsane. Add to list of scanner “broken” – Epson Perfection V Photo.

Now it’s probably best to logout and login again and then switch your scanner on and go to the menu to find the iscan program in the graphics tab. I’m using it now in a virtual machine in Not checking for parallel port scanners. Scanners that are affected are besides others: See full activity log.

Brother MFCW as root sane-find-scanner ok ubuhtu -l ok simple-scan ok xsane ok. I have the same problem. The scanner software do not find the scanner – after the upgrade.