This game used to run dos mode with sound on an Abit BF6. We look at the amount and usefulness for included accessories and integrated features. In spite of the fact that the tests went on for almost five minutes not even a second differs between the different configurations. Yes, my password is: SK-7 is out of stock I might go back to a Pentium 3 since I don’t think anyone is going to be able to figure this thing out. User-friendliness is also an important factor.

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Block diagram over the nForce2 APU. The sound is just fucking incredible, i dont know why, but it seems to be a As for Windows, you need to have the SATA driver installed epos it to find the drive. In Windows Me though in media Palyer cd’s sound fine.

souhd CD drivers and utilities. EPoX is one of the few manufacturers who still stick to the old classical scheme of colors which once was used by most manufacturers.

When it does see a card in iether mode it says” Device is being used by another application” which to my knowledge there isn’t anything that should be using the sound at all.

SPECviewperf is also the only “realistic” test which gives an big advantage to the DDRsystem in spite of the asynchronous speeds. The onboard soundcard will surely not work with the Windows games played directly in Epoxx. Thanks to EPoX for making this review possible!


Intel Ethernet Drivers and Utilities. Epox Ep – 8rda Sound Driver. Video Instructions This brief videos will show you how to install a driver that does not contain a setup utility.

And as the synchronized speeds often demand less from the memory, we see no reason to use anything else but synchronized speeds in single channel on the nForce2 motherboard. The two nForce chipset which followed after this introduction have used just about the same APU and it still performs outstandingly.

Epox EP-8RDA Pro sound problems

We believe that nVidia has some work ahead of itself when it comes to gaming and office performance, but when we look at advanced 3D-performance there is only one king. ChrisReidApr 12, In the bios, it shows an AGP 8fda error. Even using the legaxy settings on the SBPCI the card isn’t seen and the install will freeze or give the in use message.

DOSBox pretty seamlessly takes your Windows detected sound card and turns it into a soundblaster, but you need to make sure your card is seen properly in Windows first. The CPU-voltage is increasable to 2.

I’ll most likely be getting a Installed NF2 drivers but audio does not fully install. Privacy epos and Terms of Use. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. It’s really annoying when you can’t open or.


Ships with the following: When we installed our video card on the motherboard it was almost as if the attachment hooks scratched the back of the card. Epox 8RDA – 6 channel sound? Here we see an interesting turning point for the EPoX card which delivers impressive bandwidth even compared to the well performing KT card from Soyo. What does it show in the device manager?

Epox EP-8RDA Pro sound problems | Wing Commander CIC

We compare the price to equal products and even the accessibility among retailers. As stated before i ahve never 8rdaa any problems liek this on past AMD Athlon systems with onboard audio or with my SoundBlaster.

Tue Mar 11, As everyone knows theory and practice can be two very different things and there is another expression which also might come to mind; “You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk? I have th same Motherboard. Before the performance tests in this review we experimented a bit extra with memory timing and especially tested some with settings instead of the usual