Mon, 24 June February Senior Member Administrator Shoot a message to Mike, he’s still working very hard on the community’s behalf. I’m testing them and they are already solid and functional! There are many options for browsing the data here; scroll down the page for a “quick reference” table of contents; browse the Recent Changes MindMap ; search for a particular term from the “search” box in each page’s header; browse the full page index – or just browse around and enjoy. For what it’s worth I looked into the compatibility issues of current chipsets which used bridged PCI vs slightly older systems that have genuine “native” PCI. I was going to install a solid state hard drive for software and then a separate hard drive for music files. First of all, I want to thank you for the time and effort you put into creating the drivers so that Paris will work with more advanced operating systems.

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Sun, 23 June But in many cases all 3 will not be usable for EDS cards. Maybe if enough people bug them, they’ll just do it so people will leave them alone. I hoping they’ll be okay with sharing some of the history with enskniq.


Mike told me it is an older driver Version 1.

I was thinking that might be an improvement I sometimes get resource constrained with my current system. They gave me permission to write a new installer for PARIS the original is 16 bit and won’t run under 64 bit windowsEdmund Pirali did his best to answer parjs, and then things changed. Euu then yes and no.

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It explodes all with a good PC that mill. Support this 64bit driver asio? I keep hoping that someday someone will buy the rights and bring back to the market. They are very nice and will take care of you.

Didn’t you need drivers for that? Still some excitement left in the old gal!

Hi Stephen, You will have problems opening 3. Sat, 19 October I’m also assuming that a new computer including Windows 7 will offer some advantage over my 12 year old computer which has decaying parts. Can you email me?

I, for one, would be willing to invest. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

Considering all the variables when building a new system, I’d like to build a machine with parts as close as possible to a system that is actually working. Voila, if anyone still use my console is available C’tait ambicious a system enssoniq the era So out of an abundance of caution we’re prohibiting any links to it from the forums anyway and will ensonq discouraging public discussion of any means of obtaining it until ID clarifies its status.


My OS is Windows 7 Professional 64 bit edition.

64/32 bit driver,

Australia Senior Member Mike’s new driver works very well with pariss bit windows 7 here. Overview – quick selection. I wish I knew The Forums – and the Wiki – are back! Luiz Report message to a moderator.

Ensoniq PARIS

parls Mike Report message to a moderator. I was going to install a solid state hard drive for software and then a separate hard drive for music files. I’m in it with you for the long haul it just keeps getting better. I am available for additional information. They samplers and synths, always prized for their sound now.