Duplicate files in the file list now handled correctly, so it isn’t possible to transfer duplicates to a drive or convert to other formats. Now the media type is set from the drive geometry info so it should work with any drive type. Something wasn’t saving correctly since the move to Unicode. A serious issue with title renaming that caused corrupt WBFS files. You can still attach the log and language file.

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Enermax Ehd u2 Driver – wholesaleapps

OS supported Mac OS 8. You can also attach the current log. I originally had 5 colours, but changed it to 3. When hiding drives, the drives were also hidden in the settings dialog meaning that they could never be unhidden.

Feedback form to report bugs etc. Use internet options in control panel to set a Proxy and delete the cache etc. I was also reading the IOS for all partitions instead of just the data partition. I totally rewrote the “Remove” menu functions. X-bench, Tiny Launcher et Workbench 3.


First to a temp location, then to the final location, which avoids any mix ups. The check for updates happens while the splash screen is visible now too. A couple of names in the about box showed as question marks because my source code formatter didn’t work with unicode characters.

Enermax EHD-251-U2 USB 2.0 2.5 Enclosure Review

Only single layer supported for now. Stupid not having it before. Entered passwords are stored only for the current session. Duplicate drives in the drive menus and format dialog in some ehs-251u2. Sinon, il faut “burner” Graver l’iso du jeu avec ceci. I have compared the output with DiscEx and everything is identical.

Embedding it in the exe was causing problems. Probably the same for CD-RW etc.

USB disk drive cradle (Pete’s notes)

Ce bug existait depuis le premier jour. Wii Backup Manager Build Automatically generate language strings and update existing files in the enermsx folder.

Jobs page wasn’t translated. Simply select the loader and your base cover folder.


Problem with sorted columns with items over 4 GIG, introduced in beta 3. A splash screen, because the load time has increased slightly, mainly due to loading the database at startup.

The Labels in the about box and enemrax screen weren’t transparent in XP.

Enrmax version wasn’t correct for all games. Column data in the settings file caused an AV on startup. When updated, the xml is converted to a faster database structure. Full debug by default change it in “Debug level” menu on the log page Changed: Custom colors for Drive usage bars, Progressbars, titles and log. This is part of the fix below.

If you use it, please let me know your results. Nouvelle option “Utilisez le transfert de tampon”.