For example I use Cake Walk Sonar 8. Copyright – Creative Technology Ltd. Tuesday, March 15, 2: I got this link on Creative EMU support. For a complete listing of downloads, you can manually search our database. Every 1 or 2 days i get a distorted sound coming out of the sound card for a while.

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Support for such products is limited to online materials, such as Knowledgebase Solutionsdrivers, application updates and product documentations available on the Creative Customer Support website.

If the version numbers below are higher than what you see in the About Box, you should proceed with the update.

Gotta love the brand loyalty Creative attracts with their refusal to develop drivers for new Operating Systems, eh? Wednesday, November 25, 4: There was also an error on windows load 0044 a file missing that was found to be linked to the adobe updater app, which seems to be a problem with the shockwave plugin http: Improved audio quality of ASIO driver record and playback when used at low latencies. I’d 04044 a little better with W7 drivers from EMU.

However, the Digital Audio System drivers have been emj tested using the same test procedures that a signed driver requires, and it passes in all important categories, including those that measure the relative stability of the driver. Years ago there was this sound dropout problem and it was was found to be caused by the PCI video card hogging the buss.


Best is just to wait for EMU to release beta drivers. They came from a Russian site that’s really hard to navagate.

I can reset sound card like you do or go into ‘Sounds’ on the Control Panel and switch between 24bit, Hz and 16bit Hz or vice-versa and it will work again for a while, I even tried setting the priority in task manager to ‘high’ with not much difference.

I suppose I should add myself to the list.

I have mentioned this to E-MU. First of all I always had this problem drivers!!!!!!!!!! Added kHz support to E-MU Windows 7 Sound Card: Right now it looks like I have everything set up and installed correctly.

windows 7 and emu pci soundcard

Sunday, November 8, 8: Unpack and run the. I had to do a new install with this latest build as you can’t upgrade an earlier build with this one. Friday, May 1, 7: Monday, April 26, Advanced Technical Support Group www. Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility https: Now it seems I have to rollback to Vista in order eju do that. I couldn’t get my EMU to respond at all after my upgrade. If you are installing this package on a system where you did not previously install Digital Audio System software, you must also install the latest version of Microsoft DirectX, which is available at http: Monday, January 26, 1: I’m heartbroken as my computer is mainly used for music production and I now I can’t use it for that purpose.


E-MU PCI User Manual | 96 pages

My cpi panel is matching my patch mixer 48K. Tuesday, March 15, 2: I have tried the vista 32bit drivers, but the sound keeps swapping between emuu and distorted as if the bit rate is reduced and then back to fine again. Immediately after installing this upgrade, please be sure to turn the MicroDock off and then back on again, in order for the new firmware to take effect.

Monday, January 18, 7: Still a shame that having paid for Win7 expecting it to work well, was simply too optimistic, Microsoft forget the Kitchen sink, Get the OS to be reliable! Hi All, I have read this thread with a lot of interest this evening.