Disconnect the touchscreen cable from the controller and cycle power to the controller to verify this condition. Suspect the baud rate or other communication parameters. A constant red LED indicates a warning error condition, such as improper communication from the host. Use an additional cable from the back of the display to your serial port. Originally Posted by dglnz.

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Is it due to the transition from xorg. Results 1 to 10 of The problem is that the screen doesn’t respond to touches ie mouse is in the middle of the screen – touch a corner or edge and the mouse epo move! Grounding all four mounting holes will give the best Electromagnetic Interface performance. For two-way communications, the controller’s Receive 2500z pin should also be connected to the host’s Transmit Data pin. This adapter has built-in transient protection, and must be connected through a short lead e,o frame ground.

Following power on, the controller performs a short self-test, where the LED stays lit. Discharge any static charge on your body by touching the back of the computer cabinet. A multi-conductor cable terminated in a 2×6 female connector is attached to the IntelliTouch touchscreen. A chassis ground connection is required through 2500a of the plated mounting holes PTH to provide a return path for the on-board transient protection.


This section assumes you are integrating the S serial controller board into your system as a component. The serial port connector, P2, is a 2×5 header with pins on 0. Disconnect the touchscreen cable from the controller and cycle power to the controller to verify this condition.

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Transient protection is required in all installations where it is possible to turn the display on or off while the touchscreen is disconnected from the controller. Choose an available expansion slot. Attach the opposite end of the cable, DB9 male, to the DB9 female connector on the controller.

250s by Jessica Dolcourt Dec 10, Originally Posted by dglnz. If a fatal error was encountered, the yellow and red LED’s flash an eight-bit error code starting with the most significant bit, where yellow indicates a binary ‘0’ and red a binary ‘1’.

Can I see your touchscreen.

Use only Elo supplied or approved cabling for best operation and to insure full regulatory agency compliance. Remove the computer’s cover.

E Serial Controller Installation This section assumes you are integrating the AccuTouch E serial controller board into your system as a component. May 15th, 1.


Elo Original 351077-000 Touchscreen Controller

If it’s not there you should be able to create a blank xorg. The S controller has one green diagnostic LED.

eloo The mounting holes fit common 0. Elo can provide suitable adapters and cabling. It is your responsibility to determine how best to mount the controller and data connector in the display or separate enclosure, and provide a power supply. Remember adding udev rules doesn’t complete configuration.

Observe polarity when connecting the power leads to the power supply. May 19th, 6. Yes, for the xorg.

Read Chapter 2 to determine the jumper flo before installing the controller. Connect a power cable harness to P4 on the controller, a 1×2 header with pins on 0. For example, when the touchscreen is touched, the yellow LED should light or flicker may not be visible with bus controllers on fast PC’s.