This can be changed from the properties menu. Go to Troubleshooting below. Are there any chances that it would work with ELM? In the event of a connection problem, consult the software help file. The yellow triangle next to “Prolific

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The only codes I saw were simple byte status updates with the ignition on ACC. Any chance you could add a paragraph concerning that?

ELM-USB OBD2 Interface commands description

The protocols supported by ELM are: From what I remember, the radio checks either on power on or periodically for a CD Changer probably the same with the stock amp, which also has a PCI bus connection. This is most likely the sign of a defective unit. I bought a elm usb tool, i connected it to my laptop and started sending AT commands using Hyper terminal, but it is not responding at all, what could be wrong. Am of the opinion if I follow your instruction closely, I will be able to install and program a pair of power folding mirrors on my grand cherokee overland.

I mean any pratical example?

I suspect if they connect to the bus at a different location than the diagnostic port, they will have activity. The official versions currently in circulation are 1.

I found that with the key off, the k signal is dead. Flashes when data are sent from the PC to the interface. This thread has been useful I am gonna try this to see if I can get the cam sensor reading for a Chevy box van so I can time it I bought a elm usb tool, i connected it to my laptop and started sending AT commands using Hyper terminal, el2m37 it is not responding at all, what could be wrong Hi, I need to control the climate controls via sowftware uusb Windows on a Touareg 1 prefacelift which uses k-line kwp protocol.


All those issues are taken care of in this new v2. So, probably, elm think is not an option in my case…. Always thought it was a well-guarded secret on how to access these systems. Thanks a lot for this website and information! Also I noticed I get a buffer full error if there is more than a few seconds of no activity on the bus so this may be what others are seeing as well.

Steps to install Driver Pack 5: This article was helpful. On mine I can read ATDP which just displays the protocol which is currently selected, not the one that works for your vehicle.

ELM USB V OBDII OBD2 Car Diagnostic Code Reader Scanner Tool

WiFi allows wireless communication. We’ll refund every dollar you’ve paid. Ubs, i realized that whenever i ignite my car, first of all the initial rpm value is always above for atleast 30 sec and then reduces to ….

So this non-standardized situation consistently produced unreliable data you just couldn’t trust. Assuming you have a Bluetooth scanner, you can request the pairing code from the vendor you purchased the scanner from.


It could cause a traffic spike for several hours. Reliability of these scanners is hit and miss as they are generally sold by small business with as few as a single person managing all operations of the business. There is no way to apply this sort of update, you will need to purchase a new device.

The Toyota diagnostic software works though with the same cable. What am I doing wrong?!? Now launch any OBD software – click “Connect”, and you’re in! In this case, when you power on, the red LED lights first followed briefly by: More might be available there. This little test will enable you to determine what level of function elm327 installed in your interface.

So its searching for the correct protocol.