Alliances last games against Chinese teams were the WCA finals, where lgd took them to 5 games. All the best from one of your biggest Australian supporters! Does this kind of opinion affect you in terms of playing Dota? Not really a ritual but: Also is Kaka named after the football player? Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. Yep, we are still in that process.

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There used to be some rather sick DK-branded hardware mice, keyboards, etc Good luck in the majors btw!

How do you feel about finally being back as one of the top contender to win a Valve’s tournament? Ask us anything as we approach The Shanghai Major!

TV Cards and Capture Devices Supported

The store seller didn’t even knew what it was, the box is exactly the same as the one on internet and was aroung the Tte-sports zone.

It’s really kind of hard to tell right now. For the younger players: Recently we Western fans heard that the Chinese netizens were flaming Dota, saying it has no future in China.

It’s moving but perhaps not as quickly as expected since most of the organization is currently focused on the Major. Which are your favorite locations to travel to for tournaments? Overall though, we’d like to win fans over by good play, an appreciation for our fans, and creating a presence that is unique to EHOME so when it’s us, you know it’s us.


I’m pretty sure is real bro. Cty himself reflected later on that it probably wasn’t the best choice that game. Western might be burgers quite enjoyed In-n-out while on LA.

Who do you view as the strongest Western team? I’ve really admired the out-of-the-box drafts that you have done throughout your career.

The groups will probably show us quite a bit, and then who we play in elimination will be important regardless of who they may be. As for India, this may not be the case yet but everything takes time. I can’t wait to see how you guys perform in woder major, and for future tournaments! In game and out of game, we could experience together the highs of victory and the lows of defeat, we had the confidence to be able to solve any problem.

That was an exceptional team – they had first DC, thentwo great – or even legendary – captains. Looking forward to see some great plays!

As for why exactly no Indian teams have been able to do this, we haven’t been to India and don’t really have experience with the country’s esports scene. Perhaps in the future we’ll have an international shop, we’d like to but stuff takes time! Hope you’ll give us a chance to impress, and we hope we can bring you more chances to learn about us!


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Alliance have shown that they are very good against Western teams with their current playstyle but we have no relevant data to compare them against a team like ehome. At the moment that is only really those 2 wonrer. Check them out below. Chicken Nuggets are made from chicken in farms.

Cty, can you make Sand King a viable core? I am right now working hard towards building another dynasty, but I believe there is still a very large difference.

We are EHOME. Ask us anything as we approach The Shanghai Major! : DotA2

Did LaNm approve of that decision? Also, he’s sorry if there’s anything ehome doesnt understand as chinese isn’t his primary language or mothertongue idk not sure! However, considering the main event will use hz for sure, they all agreed enome use those for practice room monitors as well.

As for parenting, yes it’s commonly an obstacle, but esports as a whole has come a long way in many parts of the world. I need power and lots of it. Can you please interview 71?