This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. I picked my pc up from the computer store, lugged it home, brought it down to my desk, and then had to take a break while I huffed and puffed for 5 mibnutes to catch my breath. With my system and a sample buffer, I get a latency time under 10 ms. Is it a driver problem? To sum up, if you want a lot of enter and exit in a small volume this card is for you. The Gnrale configuration is very simple and well in English manual is very clear and sufficient to understand the operation of this interface. Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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I used the FA with 1101 mac book pro and it worked seamlessly and without any issues. I’ve tried both firewire ports or whatever they are called, and no matter what I do, the computer doesnt notice it connected. Nothing happens after I connect the firewire cable and turn the unit on.

Make sure that track’s output is to the FA and press the space bar to start play. It supports high quality If it appears grayed out, deselect all drivers first then select the Edirol interface. These two channels are pre-amped, so you will not need an additional microphone amplifier if you are recording vocals.

Roland Edirol Ua USB Audio Interface Tracking Ship | eBay

Manual balance of direct monitoring and software output is very very convenient. I hear, read on Latency was good wdirol 7 and 9 ms depending on the project. No worries for cons with my laptop.


We also do TV commercials, Radio spots and spoken word books 9. Sometimes, I also connect keyboards and other sound generators.

Help With Edirol FA-101 Install

Maybe if you 110 can see the settings, you may be able to better direct me. In steps Edirol, a division of Roland, fine makers of professional audio and music equipment, with their FA FireWire audio interface. It is connected to a black MacBook Core2 Duo 2.

With this out of the way, the current trend in PCs is multiples; dual-or-more displays, SLI video, etc. Secondly, I’d leave your SB set up as the Windows sound card. I’ll post back as soon as I get my PC from the shop. On the back of the interface, deirol the Sample Rate switch.

Edirol FA – Firewire Audio Interface – Long & McQuade Musical Instruments

Forums Posts Latest Posts. In effect, this can make your computer into a rudimentary recording studio. Do you already have an account? When I scroll the list it shows FA 1, all the way down to FA 5 there as options, so I don’t know which to select. I dropped my computer tower off at a well known and reputable computer place and asked them to do the following: Forget iTuens and get the sound working in soanr first, then you can configure your edirol to play window sounds if you want.

Today I rather would turn to a motu or apogee duet of o the number of enter is limited to two, but the quality of the pramplis is waiting for you test a guitar has nothing to do.


A ground screw is included for attaching the FA to a device such as a phonograph, which requires an external ground. So that’s where I am now.

Ediroll my system and a sample buffer, I get a latency time under 10 ms. Sometimes the card is not recognized at once simply the dye and turn and no problem. This is an investment, however, and if you are interested in recording anything on a regular basis, multi-track or not, the FA is an incredible value for its power.

Windows Vista 64 bit I extracted all files and double clicked on the set-up files and followed the directions to a Tee. Make sure that switch is in the ON position.

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Make sure your Edirol interface is selected under both inputs sdirol outputs. The FA is a 10 in and 10 out interface, it is also pretty small for all of its capabilities.

I went to the Edirol site and downloaded the driver for my OS to my computer.