Now there’s a loud cracking sound after 10 minutes. But I will comment back here if it does fail as i am all too aware of how intermittent and random this problem has been for myself, having sometimes a day or 2 with no issue and other times having to fix every 10 mins. Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility. FYI used it on Vista 64 and Tuesday, September 15, 7: It just sits at the bios boot screen.

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I just love how “by gamers, for gamers” is not entirely as they advertise.

Dx ubdb9 Drivers

But if like me nothing else is plugged into the USB ports then this is not the case as mine still fails. Just skip a few, or only internal? I have all the latest drivers, Sp and updates and my mike still cuts out, or i loose sound. All Vista users should be make sure that SP2 has been installed on their computers.

The last thing he suggested was trying a powered USB hub. Would it really matter that much? Proposed as answer by Verbitian Sunday, October 11, 4: I actually had that problem as well.

Dx ubdb9 Drivers

I have proved this by taking the control box apart and exposing circuits inside. Although, since everyone is having the same issue, I’m not hopeful about what I’ll get back. Dynexx, my headset should be in Razer’s hands by now. Emails take at least days to get back to me now and I’m waiting on the second email from them today or dx-usvcrhb.


I have ran with the heat issue and pulled it apart and dnagled it in front of a fan, the dx-usbcrhbb portion if this dyne, then hey!

I never had this problem with the logitech and I was wondering if perhaps it is a compatibility issue because these headphones are very new.

Usually its listed as Razer Megalodon while its working properly. I also dont see why we should have to spend another 30 bucks on more hardware just to get the megalodon to work properly. Now it’s no longer just a 15 minute problem. The megalodon could have been checked with ammeters and voltmeters at low temperatures, where as temperature rises resistance goes up and therefore more power is needed. Sry for the bad english!

It took a few times of me ending the task and launching the updater again. However we are unable to commit any specific ETA for it. Then perhaps it is because there is less power dynsx into the unit that it heats slower aka not overheating like it does when hooked up to the computer hubs.


Dynex DX-USBCRHB Support and Manuals

Haven’t heard from them at all yet and they release this firmware literally a d-xusbcrhb and a half after my email. Wednesday, October 14, It’s the same everywhere.

And it still crashes after 30minutes. I was a preorderer and was super excited. Fortunately, Razer came out with a firmware update and fixed my problem perfectly. I’ll go through the routine again of uninstalling and changing audio configurations again in dnyex attempt to see if there is anything different with this headset.

Yeah, I used the beta firmware also, it did make the mic better, but I dx-hsbcrhb have to have the windows volume and mic volume down.

I’ll keep you updated. It held for about 3 hours and then Both the headset and mic took dyned dump. Monday, November 9, 5: Those are the only USB plugged into my computer anywhere.