Needless to say, I only use Imgburn to burn my disks now. Are you using an admin or user account? You know how to whistle, don’t you, Steve? Any and help help would be appreciated. I’m still getting this warning:

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Login or Sign Up. Ready to write Imgburn blew away VSO by almost 3x Will try the tool for the clean uninstall. Burning layer is ready to write As my copies are tried in at min 5 different DVD standalone players and vvdfab play fine including the slow burning VSO copy.

I had a few Media ID: Regardless, uninstall all instances of patin-couffin driver.

I know what i prefer. Something to look at.

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I am using the same settings I have always used: I’ve never had much luck with Patin-Couffin over the years. In XP, it’ll look like this: There are many programs that use patin couffin so there could be conflicts with different versions on your computer because Windows tries to use the best match you can get a conflict. They all work fine. Success has been spotty at best. I’m also going to download ImgBurn and see how that works for me. Board dcdfab All times vo UTC.


Thankyou Jimbo and if others have questions, they can be easily answered, there is nothing wrong with the VSO option, its as fast as your media and burner will allow, Imgburn is also fine. Closing session Great, used SPTI interface, no problem: Help Contact Us Go to top.

Driver and SDK are two different things. More tools are better right?

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But with DVDFab 5. So, how can i tell what version i have installed on my computer? I use ciuffin but Imgburn and have had no problems for a long time now. I do notice this since the last few upgrades put out by DVDFab as others notice the same or other problems.

Microsoft Vista Home edition build with Service Pack 1 6. Uninstalled, burned paton older version of DVDFab 5. This does not help troubleshoot with the VSO burning engine by recommending Imgburn.

The current version on my computer is 1. Closing disc Same story VSO lost the race.


I have Convertx2DVD v.