I believe the Dmax is 3. As the Agfa T includes a functional contour, you can fit it into your space effortlessly for better space management. Best Selling in Scanners See all. The glassless carriers that the T comes with only handle: The film is placed in a carrier that goes into the center part of the scanner and never comes into contact with glass; so there will not be any problems with newton rings. Also, with the Minolta you can keep your film in strips of about 8″.

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Of course, this machine is attractive for its much lower cost.

The density range of the T is listed in the Agfa brochure at 3. Be aware that the software is moody and Agfa’s tech support duoacan ranged from good to absolutely horrible.

Agfa DuoScan, T2500 and Linotype Saphir Ultra II

The ppi resolution is nice to have. Thanks for your coments, David Klepacki dklpeac ibm. Choose the method duoscxn is dupscan for your samples based on the criteria below:. Load all the slides, preview, then select custom areas Best for histology, brightfield slides You must be able to tell your slides apart easily by looking at them This allows duooscan to limit the scan to the actual image region Results in smaller file size compared to the preset slide holder area while maintaining the same resolution Method 2.

The DuoScan is nice too, but I don’t like odd scanning resolutions – it is ppi x ppi maximum optically; too bad it isn’t x if you wanted it to scan at x ppi it would be interpolated. Scanning at maximum resolution with the DuoScan at x ppi equals x The area inside of the marque will be scanned using the settings selected, and appear as an untitled window in Photoshop.


LaserSoft Imaging

To calculate the resolution needed for your image, answer the following questions: A 5×7 image at ppi equals x Best Selling in Scanners See all. Show More Show Less.

To scan you would have to cut individual h2500 and use the 6×9 carrier which would a introduce a lot of flare around the edges unless you make your on black mask and b will not be held by all 4 sides. This item doesn’t belong on this page. What is the size of the original? Under the file menu, select “save a copy” Take your images with you at the end of your session.

Agfa DuoScan T – flatbed scanner – desktop – SCSI Overview – CNET

Turn computer on Turn the duooscan on round button at front right Make sure surface to be used is clean– use a lint free cloth and glass cleaner if necessary Loading Originals in Scanner Decide wether your originals are reflective, transparent this includes TEM negatives and slidesor negatives. I’ve never had any trouble with my Agfa Vision scanner, its a great film scanner-but only will scan images up to 40mm x 40mm.

The other flatbed scanners I have seen operate in similar ways. But you do have to scan one frame at a time.


If I decide to buy another scanner soon the Ultra II will be my choice, but after using a Tango drum scanner recently I’m spoiled by the quality. Has anyone tested these two scanners, and would duosvan to comment about their relative quality. But that Linicolor software makes getting good scans almost painless.

DuoScan T – LaserSoft Imaging

For me the T is better because the digital prints I have made are 8x In other words, would the quality of the printed output be negligible for the “best” scans from these two machines at this print resolution and scale?

This scanner may be used for quantitation of relative optical densities. What duosdan the output device capable of?

In my example, an image of x will give me a decent 8×10 when printed at dpi. There is a specially designed tray for 35mm slides. The Duoscxn software is excellent.

Duocan is more than enough for your 5×7 prints dpi. For your intended use I’d venture an educated guess that any of these scanners will do the job. The Agfa T makes it easy for you to digitally preserve your critical papers in hi-res detail for long-term electronic preservation using its impressive functionality. At dpi I need something that will give me x