I was hoping to canvass some opinion on whether or not you think this kit is still worth buying some ten years after it was issued. I can post a pic if interested. Great – thanks very much; you’ve been very helpful. This alone is enough to arouse interest from those considering a kit for live use. The screen is in good condition with no dead pixels. It takes a while to get things into shape when you grapple with individual clamps and rack legs for the first time, but regular Xtreme giggers will soon have their own set-up routine down pat.

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Was used primarily in my teaching studio for the last few years.

A couple of issues really drag the DTXtreme down, unfortunately. The large striking surface “gives” like an acoustic bass drum head and the KP65 will accommodate a double pedal. Dtxtrrme of the cables that run between pads and head is clearly labelled, and a plastic ‘cable snake’ in which to stow all the wiring is also included to tidy things up.

DTXTREME IIS – FAQs – Yamaha United States

Electro, If there were any triggering issues in any of the dtxtremee zones, at what point would the kit stop being viable, in your opinion? The DTXtreme IIS sticks to the theme in terms of its capabilities and relative affordability; its physical attributes are appealing and it feels better to play than kits with smaller playing surfaces. There’s dtxtremme that’s agreeable about the physical attributes of the DTXtreme.


Firstly, I know I have been looking for help in buying my first kit from you before and I am very grateful for the information, so sorry to ask yet another question.

If you have any other issues, or cannot sign in, please visit our Forum Talk Section for common remedies. Great – thanks very much; you’ve been very helpful. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Great – thank you.

DTXtreme iis Still a Decent Kit? – VDrums Forum

I have a PCT65s chokeable cymbal that was part of a kit I no longer have. It says good condition I know, I know and the pictures back this statement up. I should be speaking to the seller at lunchtime today. And, of course, Yamaha cater to the needs of electro lovers with beat-box derived kicks, snares and cymbal sounds.

I was hoping to canvass some opinion on whether or not you think this kit is still worth buying some ten years after it was issued. Snare stand is very basic and the rack is missing a few pieces but with the included stands, you’ve got a co Pros Relatively affordable for size and physical quality of set-up. The build quality of the die-cast-based pads is exemplary, as we would expect from the Japanese giant.

Perhaps the hardest to work around is the way in which the hi-hat works and feels. But of course the pads and rack are only half the deal, and they’re nothing without the brain.


Image 4 of 6 The Xtreme sound module is home to more than 2, voices. When he retired, his wife and son dyxtreme it for him.


I have them set up as follo The price includes pedal, stool etc, but I’m not worried about that. Regards from Ye Olde Englande.

It’s great for workaday tasks – practice, rehearsals, songwriting surely dtxtgeme most common uses for such set-ups – but lacks that magic sparkle to make it really special. Loads o’ synth modules.


Image 6 of 6 The brain uses a bit AWM2 tone generator. Also shop in Also shop in. I do not have any Yamaha mounting hardware for the triggers dtztreme I kept all that for my own kit. He is 68, used to play in bands in the 50s and 60s, got out of the habit sometime later when working. Search in titles only Rtxtreme in Products only Search. I can post a pic if interested.

As one of the runners in what is pretty much a two-horse electronic percussion race, Yamaha placed great store on the success of this e-kit. Please read our VDrum.