Theme selection now affects colors in the entire application, including menus and dialogs. Enhancement – Capture Window The capture window will now remember the last monitor and position in that monitor when it closes. Corrected I2C decoder error. We have two categories of the installer Current, Recent. Search Manager a. Auto Searches expand the normal search to a linked list of positions in the captured data that meet the search criteria. Features of creating a new, empty project or a project copy save as are still available.

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Scroll 5 Divisions Horizontally. Center Point reference of the waveform view. Data parsing can now use framing information to display decoded data as framed fields or simple unframed fields. Corrected an obscure error in the I2C parser that digibiew only occur if a specific bit pattern was present in the very last sample of a capture.

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Correction – Refresh of Data after completing a capture Waveform views did not automatically refresh after a capture until the next user input of scrolling or zooming. Search Manager a. Signal Plotting a. Measurements are recalculated when scrolling, zooming, capturing data, browsing the capture history or while using the Quick Measurement feature.

Corrected Dv1300 DV Bug.

While capturing, not all sleep methods were prevented on all supported Operating Systems. When the error occurred, symptoms included clearing the hardware buffer and failing to add additional data after detecting the Trigger condition. If the trigger event has not occurred when switching to Fallback mode, the digivkew will continue to capture and use its large internal memory as a ring buffer until the event is detected.


Trigger Setup New icons indicate disabled,ignored,parse error, missing signals. When a loaded file digivieq data that is incompatible with a current signal configuration, “Invalid Data” icons will appear for that signal in the following areas: If the associated waveform was a sub-signal of another signal that had been collapsed, the sub-signal would not scroll into view until the parent signal was expanded signal became visible.

This function was being ignored while any item in the configuration was ‘Locked’ selected with a RED border. When canceling a selected action or in the advent of a missing file selection, the Project Selections are immediately re-displayed. The Quick Select flags will indicate when a Marker is Split and whether the Delta between a split pair is locked.

Correction – Slider type configuration editors were ignoring ‘increment-by’ parameter.

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Additional Form Error detection with searchable Form Error types has also been added. The active Waveform View is identified above the Editor’s Waveform Example and will scroll and zoom to match changes to the Example.


When running on the Win 7 operating system, several items in the contents of a few windows were not completely visible. We d3v100 two categories of the installer Current, Recent. Option to use Template’s option settings or to ignore. Default position and zoom level of the Waveform Example will default to the last active Waveform View. Start each project from a preconfigured template. Automatic Window selection by mouse movement.

XP only – Corrected the Hardware Buffer indicator. Instant Help buttons for Mouse and Keyboard features that display a full list of function details when clicked. Older Versions DigiView Version 8.

The Window to receive Mouse Wheel and Keyboard commands, whether docked or floating, is visually highlighted by a subtle change in its border color. The dots are connected when the Delta is locked.

Results can be searched, auto-searched, exported, printed like any built-in signal. Extra blank ‘padding’ on each field and field name was removed. Continue to hold the key to repeat. If for some reason the drivers are required later, they can be found in the “Driver” subfolder of the installation directory.