Radio modules in AT transparent mode do not support the network discovery process. By default , all the filters are enabled, thus all the connections are visible. It must be set as hexadecimal key: Export table Export network information in a tabular file format. Changing or upgrading the XBee firmware is a delicate process that may harm permanently the XBee module.

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Finally, we launch X-CTU and the program will start. Other highlights of XCTU include the following features: Recover radio modules which have damaged firmware or are in programming mode.

Download and install XCTU – Linux

Rapid Proof-of-Concept Project Planning. Remote Device Manager Monitor and maintain deployments.

The nodes are difi to their neighbors with lines. When you are using protocols such as ZigBee or DigiMesh, click on a connection to view additional information about link quality and status.

Libelium supplies the XBee transceivers with the x-xtu firmware version It might take some time to finish searching. Selected nodes are marked in blue and connections in black. If you double click a node, XCTU switches to the configuration mode displaying the eigi of that node. The highlights of the Range Test tool include the following features: Figure 18 Remote firmware update The remote firmware update feature has been implemented.


Each XBee module displays some information about itself, such as its role or its address. Report a bug Atlassian News Atlassian. Zoom Change the zoom level of the network.

You can also set this parameter for each XBee plugging it to the Gateway, and then connecting x-cctu to a PC: To do this, select the Network working mode in the toolbar.

The modules are dynamically idgi as they are discovered, showing their connections and link quality. The tool is able to perform range tests of Click the node you want to inspect to see its connections.

Powered by Atlassian Confluence 5. Changing or upgrading the XBee firmware is a delicate process that may harm permanently the XBee module.

The connections that are not discovered yet are also in grey. Remote firmware update functionality is limited to the following dibi modules: Yellow indicates matches found by XCTU, and red indicates no matches.

Screenshot Export table Settings. Digi XBee Ecosystem Explore and create wireless connectivity. As the radio modules are found, they are shown in the working area. You can also use a wildcard if you do not want to write the entire parameter or idgi want to find more than one node.


A window like the one below dibi appear, showing the different functions and the different COM ports detected. Thanks to the new X-CTU version, all devices connected in the same network can be shown and configured. XCTU contains complete and comprehensive documentation which can be accessed at any time.

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How-to: Visualize your network – XCTU – Digi Docs

x-dtu Digi Smart Solutions is now SmartSense. In this case, you must use the ATID command. The modules are connected by lines which indicate connections with neighboring modules.