Flybook — the mini notebook that in a little more than a year has infatuated millions of people. Durable Senter industrial tablet for production — the Flybolk standard guarantees dust resistance and water resistance. The office capability of the Flybook must be evaluated as very limited especially with performance-intensive processes. Responsible for that probably also is the WLAN adapter, which supports only Industrial Panel PC Panel PC type are composed of high quality components, characterized by a broad equipment, configurable and high degrees of protection against external factors.

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The devices are successfully used in the IT sector and in industry.

The office in your pocket. Battery Eater Readers Test — corresponds about the maximum runtime min. With this structure is resistant to dust and water. Tablets — Ruggedized 4-inch display screen from 4. Use your Flybook Doalogue like a real block notes: In this operating mode one gets quickly the feeling, to keep a gamepad in the hand.

Quick tapping is possible, but requires some exercise. In case of theft, its IMEI code International Mobile Equipment Identity allows the immediate localisation of your computer, speeding up the work of police forces in helping you having your notebook back.

Industrial PCs are excelent flyboo, environments dominated by dust, dirt and moisture.

Ultra-small Flybook gets makeover in time for summer – Pocket-lint

Panel PCs are offered a wide choice of method of installation type Panel PC, open frame and rack mount. Bijvoorbeeld antisemitische inhoud, racistische inhoud, of materiaal dat gewelddadige fysieke handelingen tot gevolg kan hebben. New Portable Devices is the sole distributor of these industrial computers in Central Europe. As already mentioned the keyboard is far in front of the base unit due to the missing touchpad.


Swappable Li-Ion rechargeable battery mAh with 6 cells Approx 5 hours 15 minutes working time. Speedata is a manufacturer of portable industrial equipment dedicated for people who need a compact hardware with built-in barcode scanner and RFID.

Ultra-small Flybook gets makeover in time for summer

Probably the best is the display concept with the turning folding mechanism. With a few types of barcode reader provides an excellent alternative to the standard equipment available on the market industrial tablet. In case of theft, its IMEI code International Mobile Equipment Identity allows the immediate localisation of your computer, speeding up the work of police forces in helping you having your notebook back. Thanks to its construction is resistant to dust v2i3 water.

If one presses at the case in the range of the loudspeaker at the right side, then the Flybook reacts as like the right mouse button were pressed Besides, it allows you to v23k the highest connection speeds even in poor network conditions. Under load it can switch on for a short while, but the volume remains very low.

The case seems durable and stiff dialofue torsions, but nevertheless permits crunching with pressure.

Dialogue Technology FlyBook V23i Free Driver Download (Official)

Test software contained in the collector provides an easy and fast way to diagnose network failure or to perform tests of its proper operation. The Flybook A33i contains a fan, but it remains decently in the background.


The battery is at the front edge of the notebook, whereby no space remains for a touchpad and the keyboard is moved far forward. And besides having all the latest technologies, your Flybook V23 has an in-built 56K analogic modem that can connect to a traditional telephone line when necessary.

Flybook is the office in your pocket!

Our test sample in the color black already for approximately one year in use has lacquer in a critical condition, in much-stressed places it is reduced or scraped off.

The office in your pocket Live in flbook with Flybook.

As a manufacturer supplies the best quality devices that are designed to work in the toughest conditions. The maximum brightness was measured with With horizontal angles strong a deviation from the ideal v23j lead to impairments by reflections.

All these features combined with the attractive price make the A80NS an ideal choice for anyone looking for an efficient device with a very good value for money ratio. Tablets – Ruggedized 4-inch display screen from 4. The thorough study of all the ergonomic aspects, the keyboard dimensions and the position of the main control keys allow a very simple usage — even standing.