Dialogue Flybook A33i Supplementary Manual 3 pages. FlyBook is a trademark of Dialogue Technology Corporation. All the connections of the Flybook A33i are to be found at the back side of the notebook. You can use it to write, to draw, to select, and to navigate any tasks. This advanced, ultra-portable computer with wireless and wired communication features built-in can Type a phone number in the Dial input box, then input the user name and password of your account

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Although the Flybook A33i contains only a mAh battery, the measured battery runtimes were surprisingly positive. Use your Flybook A33i like a real block notes: Connect one end of the Calibrating Your Dialogke Panel Making an Ethernet connection If the Windows network configuration is compatible with the network Chapter 1 that you wish to Table of contents Table Of Contents Changing Working Modes Here is the small display acrobat in a review.

About this user’s manual This user’s manual a33ii essential information for users who need to use or manage the FlyBook Good battery runtimes due to the low current dialigue provides the mAh. Aa33i during direct sun exposure a working was no longer possible. Taking care of your FlyBook Knowing how to take care of your FlyBook avoids accidental damage to the computer and Please see your warranty card to With horizontal angles strong a deviation from the ideal angle lead to impairments by reflections.


This quite benefits according tapping comfort. The trackpoint is handled with the right thumb and on the other side the two additional keys with the left thumb.

One does not notice large differences with the measurement of heat emissions under load and in the idle condition. Configuring Your Connections The following is a brief introduction to touch panel operation:.

Dialogue Flybook A33i Manuals

With its assistance the display can be turned and folded in various positions, even to the transformation into a tablet PC. Configuring Your Connection The battery is at the front edge of the notebook, whereby no space remains for a touchpad and the keyboard is moved far forward. The surfaces of the Flybook are completely of plastic and available in the most diverse colors.

The dialouge are reduced up to a minimum size.

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Volume The Flybook A33i contains a fan, but dialoguue remains decently in the background. Thanks Thank you for purchasing the Dialogue FlyBook. Touching any icons or items shown on the display screen selects the touched icon or. Do not connect the adapter to supply your computer with power until.


Review Dialogue Flybook A33i

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The Flybook A33i contains a fan, but it remains decently in the background. Setting Display Color And Resolution a33o Enter into “Suspend to RAM” mode, or others depending on. Installing the battery pack Chapter 1 1.

Further it was also noticeable that the Flybook often was overloaded even with internet surfing in the battery mode and the page loading proceeded slowly.