DGA Hurricane and Rogue. This disc golf disc has plenty of glide to go with its high speed profile making it a great choice for pure distance drives off the tee. For low to medium arm speeds, this disc works perfectly for straight shots that do not require significant fade, and can also be used for long turn-overs. HTML is not translated! Maybe the turn should be a -1 or even

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You may find more weights and colors in another stamp or plastic.

Rogue (Proline) – Discs – DGA – Disc Golf

Find all posts by solomon. I love a new to slightly beat Wraith. Winchendon, Massachusetts Years Playing: Description DGA says this about the Rogue: The DGA ProLine has brought together one of disc golf’s most resilient materials with some of disc golf’s best disc molds.

Maybe the turn should be a -1 or even Page 1 of 2. Send a private message to sidewinder Your xisc is important to us.


HTML is not translated! To me, the Orc is much more stable than the Rogue. I love the Rogue, great S line. Find all posts by vcadd.

Ddisc if it is a player who has played a few times and is just getting into high speed stuff, then yes, it is considered a good starter disc. DGA ProLine plastic is a premium blended plastic combining exceptional durability with the perfect amount of grip. It is ideal for beginners who are looking to throw maximum distance. I’ve seen some Rogues that look pretty flippy from some people that throw them though. About Color and Weight Availability – This model may not rofue available in all colors.

Simply locate the version of product you would like and then single click on the number. How do I add an item to my shopping cart? All times are GMT DGA Hurricane and Rogue.

DGA Rogue – ProLine

More controllable than other overstable drivers with plenty of glide to go with its high speed profile, making sisc a great choice for pure distance drives off the tee. Discs with poor glide putters are a good example fall quickly when they run out of speed. What does Unique color mean?


Really far for my arm too. How quickly a disc slows down as it moves forward. Enter top 3 preferences folf this field: DGA says this about the Rogue: Send a private message to Chucktown. High numbers fly the furthest but we recommend up to Speed 7 for beginners.

It has the potential to become the ‘go-to’ driver for many top level amateur and professional players.

Discs with good glide continue forward for extra distance. Find all posts by kyflash.