Can you please clarify this for me before i go ahead emptying the resevoir container. I’m not estimating it I’m quoting from the technical guide given to me when I worked at Honda. Read More at truthfinder. Well, that would probably be more along the lines of my ex wife. So yes, IF the system is designed to handle it. Can I use power steering fluid for a clutch?

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Wet should refer to just a drain and refill, and dry being after a pull down and rebuild.

Effects of Using the Wrong Automotive Lubricant. I ask’d about detergents and other stuff in trans fluid, and the diffrence in it and hydrolik oil As far as I am aware, the OEM fluids are far superior.

PS-you lost me on the Martha thing-I haven’t watched for a long time, is she doing transmission repair now? So yes, IF the system is designed to handle it. Ask New Question Sign In.

What Happens If You Use the Wrong Fluids in Your Car?

He told me the automatic fliud would make the helm respond a lil quicker because it wuz eextron tad thicker than the recomended fluid I eventually did find the leak …a slight crack in a metal tube in a god forsaken place not dexhron to get at, let alone work on.


Many automobiles actually specify ATF in the power steering pump. A mechanic might not be able to reverse the damage, even by flushing the transmission.

Anyone try it in a seastar steering or is it too heavy? I use non detergent 30 weight oil in my tilt and trim without problems, change it every three years.

Can DEXRON III ATF be used in Power/S resevoir? (Honda Civic EK) [Archive] – Ozhonda Forums

You have one car and can afford to have the recommended fluid. Updated Sep 12, How about just regular or synthetic power steering fluid?

Can you bleed the power steering fluid? The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

Can you xextron transmission fluid as a power steering fluid? Ok i just spoke to a Honda rep Detxron transmission or power-steering fluid, which are similar to each other, can affect the seals, damage the system, and possibly cause brake failure. I’m sure it’s probably terrible, but I do it.

No point if you are going to use half and keep the remainder for another half year while it starts to get contaminated with moisture. Last time I visited with her future husband, I think she was still rideable but we don’t visit on a daily basis so she may not be rideable anymore. It’s not uncommon for people to mix up or use the wrong fluids in their cars, and if they do, the results can vary from irritating to deadly.


I”d be very careful.

That depends on the car. Don’t let anyone tell you you need to have the whole thing replaced…coz that’s just a big bag of spoiled balonga.

Can you use transmission fluid in a power steering pump? – Quora

It is not an ATF. Hydraulic oil cannot absorb and hold the carbon, and doesn’t resist combustion as well as engine oil. Diffrent units respond diffrently to diffrent viscosities Hell, you can put trans fluid in your gas tank and it’ll clean it due to the detergents. Your Power steering system is a ddextron system.

Several people here recommended mil spec hydraulic fluid that you can get at your local small airport, so I tried that. Using the wrong fluid can cause poor lubrication, overheating, and possibly transmission failure.