People want a fortune for them. It is good that you have the camera working already because that is a prerequisite. Regardless, enjoy your awesome laptop! Your English is excellent and I thank you again for your comment, I hope you are enjoying beautiful France! Best regards and have a great week, -JD. Hi Dave, Thank you for your nice comment. Hi Jure DJ, Thank you for your comment.

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I saw s6420 help people with SMO un. Just a black screen with the mouse only. To start with the facial recognition software, I believe it is called FastAccess. Hope you have a great week. Hi Nurtin, Thank you for your helpful comment! I am very glad that my page helped!

Hi Jure DJ, Thank you for your comment. I am very glad the driver helped for your Dell ! Wallace, Thank you for your kind comment. Hi farhod, Thank you for your comment.


J.D. Hodges

I will update the article to reflect the information you provided. Hi Than, Thank you for your nice accelero,eter Thanks Chris, much appreciated!

IBM pioneered this technology in their ThinkPad line way back in and Dell delo implemented it as well. Hi Qual, I am glad the post helped, enjoy your nice Dell laptop with Windows 8. I have the Dell-Cam software installed already and working fine. You may be interested in: Hi Birdman, Thank you for your comment.

Have a great weekend! Have a nice week, J.

Here is a page I put together to answer your question: Thank you, this was bothering me for some time. Hi Accelerometr, Thank you for your comment, I am very glad that the driver helped! Enjoy your nice laptop Chris. This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device.

FYI, the link to Dell no longer works, here is the link that is working: This is not necessarily the same as the coordinate acceleration change of velocity of the device in spacebut…. It is good that you have the camera working already because that is a prerequisite. I like it… There is one bug in it, I still cannot solve it.



You are very welcome, thanks for visiting my site! Hi M M K, Thank you for your comment!

You have a nice laptop! Hope some of this helps, sorry to not have any more definitive solutions Tony. Hi Olle, Thank you for the nice comment.

Hi Chris, Thank you for your comment and for your kind offer to link to me.