Then I installed the Windows driver for my WiFi card, added ndiswrapper as a Wireless connection with YaST, and everything’s been working perfectly every since! I always get such Logical answers when I ask questions here, one could almost expect me to have already tried such things. Anyhow, I’ve still got the memory card reader to set up correctly, the webcam and mic, and the media buttons. Here, you can find a step-by-step guide to make it work if chipset corresponds to the one your using: Benoit, I have the same model of laptop and I can confirm this is a bug in Feisty.

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Provide an answer of your own, or ask brokencrystal. ChaosCode chaoscode said on I have included the info and link below. Linud is difficult to get to work with ndiswrapper very difficult! Do you know this bug?

Dell Wireless This laptop is starting to function beautifully. The installation goes well, but the connexion is very unstable and my computer freezes randomly my only choice then is to reboot the system.


Question # : Questions : Ubuntu

I’ve gotten a little help from the two forums I’ve been using, but so far it’s been mostly independent work. Here’s the output of lspci: I have a broadcom internal wireless and it is not 802.1n at all.

Check here for more detailed information on my problem: Get your hardware specs by running lspci, which is included with the PCI Utilities package. Related bugs Bug Alex Mayorga alex-mayorga said on I guess this is how you guys learn, isn’t it?

Dell Wireless 1505 (DW1505) MiniPCIe Card

I updated the linx first: Ubuntu Edit question Assignee: Benoit, I have the same model of laptop and I can confirm this is a bug in Feisty.

Then I installed the latest version of ndiswrapper: You figure stuff out. English Edit question Status: My card is listed on the supported cards page: Can you help with this problem?

Benoit Malet benoit-malet said on But I’m having trouble setting up ndiswrapper correctly apparently. Steve Schilz sschilz said on It was easy and it worked A solution is found! Thank you for your support. I’ve been trying to install this wireless device for a while with no luck I downloaded the exe and fallowed the Link Benoit posted. Anyone have any ideas? I set up ndiswrapper to handle my wireless card using my Windows drivers.


Here’s what I get: Steve, could you please open a new support ticket rather than answer an existing one, it makes it hard for us to track them otherwise.