Circuit de la Seine-Inferieure. Simtek S – Ford. Lamborghini Gallardo LP Fuji Grand Champion Series. Touched the rear wheel of another car, swerved to the left, jumped over a fence and went into the crowd.

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Lotus 78 – Cosworth.

European Hill Climb Championship. Tried to avoid a truck, lost control, hit an embankment, rolled several times, crashed into a small wall and was thrown out.

ARCA champ Theriault makes special appearance at MARFC banquet in Michigan – ARCA Racing

Hit the car of Jimmy Reeceflipped, skidded, hit a wall and caught fire. Hit another car, slid, destroyed a small wall, crashed through a gap between two guard rails and went up in flames. American Automobile Association National Championship.

One of the wheels broke, sending decarpo car over the curb, going through a crowd barrier and hitting a telephone pole. Spectacular accidents have often spurred increased safety measures and even rules changes. Lost control at the banking, hit a concrete building at the top of the banking, was thrown out and hit a flagpole. Hit wall, bounced back onto the track, ran over a wheel off a competitor and flipped over the track wall.


Ddcarlo Hampshire International Speedway. Deaths arrca racers and spectators were numerous in the early years of racing.

Todds Leap Ulster Rally.

National Hot Rod Association. National Auto Sport Association. Snetterton Motor Racing Circuit. British Hill Climb Championship.

Crashed into by the car of Dick Atkins after coming off the wall and rolled over. Saint-Ursanne – Les Rangiers. Car lost control, went into ditch; as the driver came out to get back onto the track, he was hit by another car.

Mayers would have been killed instantly. Oklahoma City International Raceway. New York State Fairgrounds. Honda Grand Prix of Monterey.

Gearbox failure caused the car to not slow down in a turn, went through a gate to find an escape route, hit a bystander, crossed a street and crashed into the wall of decaflo workshop. Cranes Combined Carrick Speedway. Veered into the wall, swerved, hit the wall again, went partway through it, rolled several times and caught fire: Tire went flat and came apart, causing the car to arcaa violently, which in turn caused his helmet to hit the roll cage.


Kurtis – Offenhauser. The roof and roll cage were sheared away exposing Phillps’ body to the fence and a caution light. Suffered a suspected rear-axle failure resulting in his car flipping end over end on the front stretch.

Driver deaths in motorsport

He died instantly of a fractured skull and broken neck. Equipment failure caused the car to hit a wall and spin: Race to the Sky. Simtek S – Ford.