Use your network-interface to connect to the WLAN. Module name Device name s help page free? I have followed every step, but I am extremely lost on why it is not working. Known unsupported chipsets are at the end of each list. Select all sudo make defconfig-ath9k sudo make but when im running make command , it returns:

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Thanks for your answer.

Atheros AR9271, AR7010 devices (ath9k_htc)

Linux home networking wiki page about wireless networking. So, if that hardware is being correctly detected, the module should load automatically. Introduction A WiFi device operates on an electronic chip called a “chipset”.

You could use the pre-installed NetworkManager for that. You also can use NdisWrapper. Let me know if you’re stuck. Unable to allocate URBs [ Next time you purchase a piece of hardware ask yourself if it is free software compatible.

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Device installation is essentially a two-part process: Simple guide The following devices have been tested and are confirmed to work with FOSS software only with the latest Debian: With the older Known unsupported chipsets are at the end of each list.


Availability of compatible WiFi chipsets Currently there are only a few modern wifi chipsets readily available that work with free software systems. For a guide see multiple in the Amazon reviews. If the hardware is not being correctly detected, it might be too new.

Arh9k suggest you undo everything you did and follow the Debian guide link I just posted above. Board index All times are UTC. I then googled “Debian Atheros AR” and received as the first hit: The driver download does not contain license information.

Non-free drivers and firmware are produced by entities refusing or unable to cooperate with the ahh9k software community. I have an Atheros based wireless NIC and it works great.

We can find the same chipset in several different devices. In practice this means manufacturers are required to cooperate by releasing specifications and free drivers that can be worked on by the community. By encouraging good social practices the community is able to support end-users.


Debian User Forums • View topic – [SOLVED] Atheros (ath9k) driver problem at installation

Graphical Aath9k Connection Tools: Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. WiFi last modified Reboot and check that the kernel module is loaded by running: Welcome to Debian Wi reless Fi delity. Each list has two main elements: If you’re stuck on doing the complete freeware route, check my previous post on doing just that: Free software based systems such as Debian depend on the cooperation between manufacturers and developers to produce and maintain quality drivers and firmware.

USB Wifi cards are becoming less free.

Complex installation procedures are no longer required and support may continue long after a product has been discontinued. Select all dmesg in a terminal.